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Duncanmec is a manufacturing operation specialising in the design and manufacture of truck mounted or towed equipment, with special emphasis on the handling of bulk products, aluminium construction and waste handling equipment.
In June 1988, Duncanmec was founded as a new operation, starting in hired premises and later moving to the purpose built Alrode South factory in September 1989. Over the past seventeen years the number of employees has grown from the initial handful to 100 at present.
All Duncanmec products are designed and manufactured at their Alrode South factory from local materials. Only if a specific component or material is not locally available, will it be imported.
Duncanmec strongly believes in local development of products and people skills. Therefore the company’s broad product range of both tankers and demountable body systems has been largely locally developed. In some cases, the products are based on information and design concepts from their overseas licence partners.
Specialists in the design, manufacture & repair of dry bulk road tankers and refuse handling equipment.
Duncanmec supply the following:
  • Aluminium Semi Trailer
  • Aluminium Tipper
  • Aluminium Walking Floor Trailers
  • Bulk Tankers
  • Compaction Container
  • Container Storage
  • Containers
  • Custom Aluminium Trailers
  • Dry Bulk Tanker Trailers
  • Dry Bulk Tankers
  • Expandable Semi Trailers
  • Extendable Arm Skip Units
  • Flat Bed Truck Trailers
  • Flour Silos
  • Front End Loaders
  • Grain Silo
  • Handibulk Silos
  • Handibulk System
  • Industrial Containers
  • Lime Silos
  • Manufacturer of Road Tanker
  • Manufactures of Truck Tippers
  • Rear End Loader Compactor
  • Refuse Containers
  • Refuse Handling Equipment
  • Road Tanker
  • Road Tanker Design
  • Road Tanker Repair
  • Rolon Containers
  • Semi End Dump Trailer
  • Semi Trailer Manufacturers
  • Semi Trailers
  • Semi Truck Trailers
  • Silo Manufacturer
  • Silo Tanks
  • Silo Unloader
  • Skip Containers
  • Skip Units
  • Sludge Containers
  • Stainless Steel Silo Tank
  • Storage Silos
  • Tank Container
  • Tank Containers
  • Tanks Silo
  • Tippers and Truck Bodies
  • Trailer Manufacturing
  • Trailer Tipper
  • Trailer Truck Tyres
  • Truck Bed Trailers
  • Truck Trailers
  • Universal Front End Loader Compactor
  • Universal Front End Loaders
  • Walking Floor Tarps
  • Walking Floor Trailer Tarp
  • Walking Floor Trailers
  • Walking Floor Trailers Tarp System
  • Walking Floors
  • Walking Floors System
  • Waste Containers
  • Waste Handling Equipment


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