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Clipline Terminal Blocks

Clipline Terminal BlocksBy using the unique modular terminal block system from Phoenix Contact the user has a numerous choice of connection method, i.e. screw cage, spring cage, .push-in connection, fast connection, bolt connection.

Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks With Screw Connection

Terminal Block, Terminal Blocks, Phoenix Terminal Blocks, Dc Terminal Block, Terminal Block Shroud, Test Terminal Block, Compression Terminal Blocks, Current Transformer Terminal Block, Din Rail Terminal Block, Ground Terminal Block, Cat5e Terminal Block, High Temp Fuse Holder Terminal Block, Din Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks, Pcb Terminal BlocksScrew connections still dominate the industrial connection technology. No other connection method can achieve such high contact forces within the smallest of spaces. The tried and tested UK universal terminal block series from Phoenix Contact owes its name to the universal snap-on foot for DIN and G-profile rails and the multi-conductor connection.

PLUSCON – Device connection technology

PLUSCON – Device connection technologyThe PLUSCON range documents industrial connectors for data, signal and power cables, as well as for fiber optics. The complete offer for the sensor/actuator cabling makes this range a standard for field wiring.

COMBICON – PCB Connection technology

COMBICON – PCB Connection technologyThe COMBICON range provides a complete range of PCB terminal blocks and connectors for the PCB. Electronic housings, plug-in card blocks and DIN socket strips make this range a standard for every developer.

Power Supplies

Power SuppliesWith professional surge protection structured according to surge protection for power supply units, data interfaces and MCR applications; Phoenix Contact provides one of the most comprehensive programs on the market

Marking System

Marking SystemThe MARKING system from Phoenix Contact is the universal solution for quick and easy labeling of your applications. Just a click of the mouse and the project planning software, CLIP PROJECT advanced sends the labeling to the printer.


INTERFACE RelaysA wide range of interface relays are available in electro mechanical and solid state versions, these modules are used as interface modules between the process peripherals and the control.


INTERFACE CablingThe VARIOFACE system cabling is a cabling concept that was developed especially to connect to various automation equipment. The system cabling comprises three harmonized components: 1. Front adapter
2. System cable
3. Controller board


INTERFACE AnalogThese MCR devices provide accurate conversion, isolation, filtering or adaptation of analog signals, they provide safe and increased transmission quality and thus the quality of closed-loop control circuits.

INTERFACE Ex - MCR components for the Ex area

INTERFACE Ex - MCR components for the Ex areaThe automation of process control processes requires much information on the current value of different process parameters. The most important measuring tasks involved here concern the recording of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and liquid levels, the measurement control & regulation of these signals are achieved with the MCR Ex devices.

Serial Interface Converters

Serial Interface Converters Due to the increasing use of different types of automation technology in all sectors of industry, increasingly large amounts of information have to be processed. Serial data lines serve to control complex sequences and record process data, which make them the "arteries" of these processes, these devices are used to optimally convert these signals where necessary.

INTERFACE Power Supply

INTERFACE Power SupplyA state of the art range of power supplies from 25A to 40A units with 5, 12, 24, 48 VDC outputs, for single phase or 3-phase systems. Included in this range is also the industrial UPS’s.

Industrial Wireless Communication

Interface Industrial Wireless CommunicationThe product range of wireless signal transmission systems from Phoenix Contact can be used for easy and safe wireless transmission of analog and digital signals or serial data.

INTERFACE Monitoring - Monitoring modules, time components and function blocks

INTERFACE Monitoring - Monitoring modules, time components and function blocksMonitoring relay. The monitoring modules of the EMD series offer a cost-effective solution for the monitoring tasks such as current, voltage, phase parameters, coil temperature, motor load and fluid level. Timer relay. A practical combination of functions and time setting ranges as well as devices with special functions (star-delta) are available for the timer relays of the ETD series.

Surge Protection & Lightning Protection

Surge Protection, Surge Protection & Lightning Protection, Surge Protection Devices, Surge Protection & Industrial, Industrial Surge Protection, Ethernet Surge Protection, Lightning Protection, Ethernet Lightning ProtectionBuilding and industrial installations throughout the world have different requirements for lightning and surge protection. High-capacity lightning arrester combinations of the protection levels type 1 + type 2 are the initial basis for the current supply. Phoenix Contact has a complete range of devices including Class I & II for all applications. Contact us for more information regarding Surge Protection & Lightning Protection.


AutomationworxAutomation offers everything that designates the innovative automation technology of Phoenix Contact, from the I/O systems for field buses and Ethernet to embedded and PC-based control technology up to the programming and visualization.

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial EthernetPhoenix Contact offers a complete range of Ethernet switches from a low cost 5 port copper switch through to a managed gigabit switch. Including all accessories.

Wireless communications

Wireless communicationsAutomation offers everything that designates the innovative automation technology of Phoenix Contact, from the I/O systems for field buses and Ethernet to embedded and PC-based control technology up to the programming and visualization.

Tools and Accessories

Tools and AccessoriesFrom the modular terminal block to the assembly material and tools and through to the complete PC-aided project planning and marking system, the CLIPLINE range had everything that you need for perfect control cabinet wiring. Included in this is a range of cabinet add-on’s i.e. DinRail, trunking, markers etc.

Heavycon Connectors

Heavycon ConnectorsPhoenix Contact supplies a comprehensive assortment of sturdy rectangular connectors for quick start-up and service under the harshest operating conditions.