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Serial Interface Converters

Serial Interface Converters

Phoenix serial PSI interfaces solve your transmission problems

Due to the increasing use of different types of automation technology in all sectors of industry, increasingly large amounts of information have to be processed. Serial data lines serve to control complex sequences and record process data, which make them the "arteries" of these processes. A great variety of serial interfaces are used and they are often neither compatible with each other, nor do they meet the increasing requirements regarding resistance to interference, range, or rate of transmission. The PSI product range has concerned itself with these problems and guarantees interference-free and high-performance data transmission, even in a harsh industrial environment. A comprehensive product range is available for this, which converts all common serial data interfaces to other copper-based standards, to fiber optics or to wireless radio transmission and transmits without interference. The product range is completed by a fast connection technology for the various transmission media and thereby guarantees fast and safe installation of the communication lines.

- Copper-bound data transmission

  • RS-485 repeater for PROFIBUS, MODBUS and company-specific 2-wire systems
  • Interface isolator and converter for
    – RS-232 / TTY (CL)
    – RS-232, RS-485

Fiber optic transmission

  • FO converters for
    – Company-specific RS-485 2-wire systems
    – RS-422, RS-485 4-wire bus systems
    – RS-232
    – DeviceNet, CAN, CANopen
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Connection methods, tools and measuring instruments

Factory line Ethernet infrastructure

  • Media converters for conversion to fiber optics
  • COM servers for incorporating serial devices
  • Ethernet cable, connection method, tools

Industrial modem

  • Analog modem for remote monitoring and alarm
  • GSM modem for remote monitoring and alarm

Wireless transmission

  • Conversion from RS-232 and RS-485 to Bluetooth

- Accessories

  • D-SUB fast connection connectors SUBCON... for
    – INTERBUS, RS-232, RS-422, TTY
    – PROFIBUS, cables and tools
    – CANopen, SafetyBUSp and company-specific RS-485 fieldbus systems
  • RS-232 adapters and RS-485 connection distributors

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