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Preserving Age-Old Artefacts Case Study

Preserving Age-Old Artefacts Case Study

Product News Thursday, August 31, 2017: Mimic Components CC


SEGMENT: Museums, Art Galleries, Heritage Homes & Sites and Auctioneering Environments

INDUSTRY: Historical and Antique collectors, buyers, auctioneers, conservationists, archaeologists, and restorers

The challenge

Traditional museum solutions can be notoriously expensive at preserving age-old artefacts, which are susceptible to fluctuations in the environment.  It is therefore very important to monitor temperature and humidity to understand its impact on the condition of these revered monuments, figurines and works of art for future generations.

 One museum had used a wireless system to monitor temperature and humidity. This system was becoming increasingly outdated and the software that was needed to maintain the system was no longer supported. In addition to this, the individual sensors were expensive and difficult to replace and with budget limitations, this meant that some areas were not monitored to the best standards.

The solution

The museum invested in few EL-WiFi-TH+ sensors and began to deploy them in key areas. Loggers were placed in cabinets and display cases, as well as in hard to reach places. The FilesThruTheAir™ sensors provided the museum with consistent, continual monitoring of the temperature and humidity of important artefacts. The loggers captured data every 15 minutes, on a 24/7 basis, giving the museum an on demand and comprehensive view of temperature and humidity across the site, even outside of working hours. Importantly, the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud remote monitoring system signalled automated alerts whenever it detected an out of range temperature.

The Benefit

The cost of the new sensors was much cheaper than the previous system. This meant that the museum could now afford to buy more sensors covering more of the site’s artefacts. The ease of implementing the new easy-to-use system was another benefit, causing minimal interruptions during the change-over.

 Finally, the FilesThruTheAir™ sensors are wireless and send data directly to the Cloud, presenting data in a clear, professional way. This not only saves on manpower and time-cost, but is also hugely important to the longevity of the museum’s exhibits, where staff no longer need to regularly open the cabinets to take readings. This helps better protect and conserve the artefacts, as there are no sudden changes in temperature or humidity whilst data is being collected.


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