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Magnetostrictive Level Indicator - MagFox MMG 0

Magnetostrictive Level Indicator - MagFox MMG 0

High accuracy continuous level indicator for tanks and vessels from 200 mm to 4,000 mm in height. Suitable for non-crystallising low viscosity liquids which do not adhere to the sensing probe.
MagFox works on the magnetostrictive principle. A magnetostrictive wire is integrated in the tubular sensing probe. The microprocessor controlled sensor electronics generate electromagnetic pulses which pass through the wire and create a  circular magnetic field. The float of the probe contains a magnet which magnetises the wire at the float´s position. At the point where the two magnetic fields meet a torsion wave is created which then passes back up along the wire to the probe head. The time of flight of the pulse is measured and processed by the electronics of the unit.

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