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ARVALV Ported Gate Valve

Ported Gate Valve


More and more industries are opening up to Arvalv’s rugged construction yet simple design – it works and continues to work in the most abrasive and scaling services. Arvalv is specifically designed for on-off and isolation services and is available with a handlwheel for manual operation or power actuator and accessories.


Firstly, unlike the diaphragm valve, when fully open the Arvalv is the same size as the pipe itself, causing no hindrance to the flow and no body cavities to collect slurry build-up. The Arvalv’s sleeves remain I their natural state – no stretching of the rubber when closing.

The portal gate slides between two sleeves that form a bi-directional bubble-tight seal when closed, unlike the conventional round bottom Knife gate valve whereby the seal is effected by the compression of the gate into the body seat, and any slurry build-up will prevent full closure and rapid valve failure.

The Arvalv’s unique ported gate provides constant contact with the sleeves to virtually eliminate the problems of clogging, binding and build-up in the chest area and closing position.


The Arvalv is provided with bottom flush ports which must be connected to a clean water source approximately one bar higher than the line pressure. The flush water is not necessary in applications where the Arvalv is installed in the upright position, and pressure is below 3 Bar, provided the lower body flange is removed to allow slurry to drop out when opening or closing the valve.

Chest-area purge ports are available on valves for dry services and optional on wet service applications.

The Arvalv can be provided with grease nipples in the chest area for wet service application to counter solidification by greasing regularly.

When installing the Arvalv between HDPE piping with stub flanges it is mandatory to fit steel plate flanges prior to installation, failure to do so will destroy valves sealing sleeves. Please advise accordingly.

Arvalv’s remarkable wear resistance in tough applications sets it apart from its competitors, that’s why more and more industries are relying on Arvalv.


  • Simple and Rugged Construction Offering The Lowest Cost of Ownership and Operation
  • Fully Re-Furbishable. The NON Throw Away Valve.
  • Simple to Repair
  • Ductile Iron Body
  • 316 gate (Hardened Gates Optional)
  • Cur-Urethane Sleeves
  • Adjustable Gland Packing
  • Full Port design. Same Size as the Pipeline. Provides Unobstructed, Bi-directional Flow.
  • Ported Gate In Constant Contact with Sleeves In Both Open & Closed Ports.
  • Upper Tube Stem Protection
  • Rugged Construction Can Handle Abuse & Pipeline Stresses Due to It’s Solid One Piece Body casting.
  • Lower PVC Boot Stem Protection.
  • Rounded Gate Edges To Increase Packing Life and Reduce Operating Forces.
  • Replaceable Sleeves with Integral Flange Gasket. No extra gaskets are required.
  • Removable Lower Body Flange For Inspection And Cleaning When Valve is not Under Pressure.

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