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Aeration Pads, Aerator Pads, Airbrators, Vibrator Cones, Flow PadsGranular, free flowing material is easily discharged from a silo or hopper by forcing air between the product particles. The air that is introduced reduces inter-particle friction, thereby preventing the material from arching or bridging in the silo.


Air Slide Conveyors, Aeration Conveyors, Conveyor SystemsAir slide conveyors or sometimes also referred to as aeration conveyors, are an efficient way of gravity conveying fine aeratable powders such as cement, fly ash, lime and many more.


Bin Dischargers, Vibrating Bin Discharger, Silo Discharger, Hopper Discharger, Bin ActivatorsBulk Technik has developed vibrating bin dischargers that are fitted to the outlet cone of silos and hoppers. The bin dischargers or commonly also called bin activators assist with discharging dry product from a silo by preventing it from bridging or rat-holing.


Bulk Bag Systems, Weigh Systems, Bulk Bag Unloading StationsBulk Technik has developed a number of systems to either unload or fill bulk bags which often incorporate weigh systems as well as filling or discharging equipment. Bulk bag unloading stations are an ideal back-up for filling silos with stock-piled bulk bags when road tankers fail to deliver product in time.


Cone Valve, Material Inlet Valve, Material Handling ValvesThe cone valve that Bulk Technik has designed and manufactures is ideally suited as a material inlet valve to a pressure vessel. The cone valve essentially is an inverted metal cone that is lowered and raised into a seat by a pneumatic cylinder.


Dosing Feeder, Dosing Stations, De-Bagging UnitThe Bulk Technik designed dosing feeder is suitable for micro dosing of granular products. The dosing feeder essentially consists of a tubular screw flight that is driven by a geared motor and feeds product at the required rate into the discharge adaptor.


Explosion Panels, Explosion Ventilation PanelsWhen combustible products such as flour are mixed with the oxygen in air, they become a highly flammable and explosive mixture. A spark from static build-up could ignite this volatile mixture resulting in a catastrophic explosion with total destruction of the silo and buildings or other structures in its vicinity.


Feeding Tees, Pneumatic Conveying Feeding Tees, Pneumatic Convering LineThe Bulk Technik pneumatic conveying feeding tees are used to feed fine powder into a pneumatic conveying line. The feeding tees have been designed so that there is a small pressure drop across the conveying direction which at the same time results in reduced turbulence.


Knife Gate Valves, Flow Control Knife Gate Valves, Flow Seal Knife Gate Valves, Silo Discharge ValveBulk Technik can offer two types of knife gate valves: Flow Control (FC) or Flow Seal (FS).


Lime Slaking, Slaking Systems, Lime SlakerThe term lime slaking applies to the combination of varying proportions of water and quicklime in order to produce milk-of-lime, a lime slurry or a viscous lime paste. Chemically, the slaking process is an exothermic reaction that releases appreciable heat and forms hydroxides.


Lump Breakers, Material Handling EquipmentBulk Technik has designed a range of lump breakers that have a very low height and can thereby be easily accommodated in existing plants or new installations.


Pinch Valve, AKO Valves, Conveying ValvesPinch valves are ideal for isolating the flow of abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products, which can be in the form of a liquid, slurry or a granular powder. A pinch valve can either be closed mechanically or pneumatically, the latter being a far more cost effective option.


Pneumatic Conveying Bends, Pneumatic Conveying Barrel Bends, Pneumatic ConveyingIn a pneumatic conveying system both wear and pressure drop are important factors to consider. Both of these factors are reduced if the radius of the conveying bend is increased, however, for abrasive materials such as cement, sand, mineral ores the standard bends will wear through after a short time.


Pneumatic Knocker, Material Handling EquipmentThe pneumatic knocker is a cost effective way of getting material to flow out of a bin or silo by exerting an impact force onto the silo shell. The force created by the impact is transferred into the material particles which then dislodge and begin to flow.


Safety Valves, Hopper Safety Valves, Silo Safety ValvesThe silo or hopper safety valves, also known as safety flap, are simple but extremely effective and important devices to protect the silo from being over pressurised or exposed to a vacuum. Either of these conditions can result in catastrophic damage to the silo and surrounds.


Sampling Screw Feeders, Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Screw FeedersSampling screw feeders or also called screw samplers are an effective and cheap method of taking accurate samples from a product stream. The feeder is installed horizontally into the product stream from which the sample is to be extracted.


Screw Conveyors, Twin Screw ConveyorsBulk Technik supplies both tubular and trough screw conveyors of various sizes and lengths with drives to match the capacity. The screw conveyors can be installed horizontally or inclined at angles and they can be supplied in mild steel or different grades of stainless steel.


Storage Silos, Grain Silo, Flour SilosEach silo from the standard range of Bulk Technik bulk product storage silos is statically calculated for the given material bulk density/properties and geographical location.


Telescopic Loading SpoutsTelescopic loading spouts are generally used for dust free, gravity feeding of product from a storage silo into bulk a road tanker. Essentially a loading spout consists of a fixed filling head which is fitted to the discharge valve of a silo.

Air Blender

Nol-Tec Air Blending ConeMixing of dry powders in vessels up to 200 m3 in size using air. No moving parts, easy cleaning, minimal product degradation and quicker batches
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