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Cabinet Dryers

Cabinet DryersAir is drawn in through the inlet duct and heated to the required temperature.

Reactors and Calciners

Reactors and CalcinersHigh and low temperature rotary and fluidized bed reactors and calciners for reactive and chemically aggressive processes.

Conveyor Dryers

Conveyor DryersConveyor drying uses a perforated belt to transfer feed materials through the dryer. Heated air is either passed under and through, or over and through the belt and product bed before being reheated and re-circulated.

Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid Bed DryersPuffer – popper – roaster – toaster – static, vibrating, through-the-bed, reverse fluid (Kontra-flo) dryers and coolers, from minimum to maximum throughput per hour.

Flash Dryers

Flash DryersFlash drying uses a heated gas to pneumatically convey the feed up a flash tube and into a primary air separation device; most commonly a cyclone.

Indirect Dryers

Indirect DryersIndirect Dryers for heat sensitive, toxic or solvent based products.

Rotary Dryers

Rotary DryersRotary cascade dryers have the feed materials pass through a rotating cylinder together with a stream of hot gas.

Spray Dryers

Spray DryersSpray drying involves the atomization of feed to a spray of droplets which are contacted with hot air in a drying chamber.

Specialized and Custom Designed Dryers

Specialized and Custom Designed DryersDirect, indirect and combination systems for special applications can be accommodated within the range or by custom design.

Environmental Technology

Environmental TechnologyDrytech has developed process technology enabling them to effectively engineer systems that are at the forefront of environmental responsibility.

Bulk Materials Handling Technology

Bulk Materials Handling TechnologyDrytech's experience in the bulk materials handling arena includes all aspects associated with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) across a broad industry base.

Thermal Processing Technology

Thermal Processing TechnologyThermal processing technology includes both heating and cooling.
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