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Sight Glasses and Flow Indicators - Flap and Spinner

Sight Glasses and Flow Indicators - Flap and SpinnerSight Glasses and Flow Indicators - Flap and Spinner

Wafer Monitor

Wafer MonitorWorking on the same principle as Flow-Mon Ltds standard flow monitors the Wafer units are a great addition to the product range. The Wafer Flow Switch is simply mounted between two flange faces. The lighter weight Wafer but still giving robust, reliable indication of flow is easier to install and remove for maintenance. The Wafer Series are considerably cheaper than the flanged equivalent.

Ball & Spinner

Ball & SpinnerWhen a Flow Monitor is not required but simple visual indication will be sufficient; these brilliant Sight Indicators are more than suitable. With their sturdy robust design, resistance to high temperatures and glass dome making visual verification very easy.

Rhodes Flow Indicators and Sight Glasses

Rhodes Flow Indicators and Sight GlassesRhodes flow indicators and sight glasses are devices that enable a visual check if there is a flow of liquid through a pipeline. The pressure range available is from full vacuum up to 50 bar (higher available on request) with temperatures from -40 ºC up to 400 ºC possible.

Series AJ Electric Flow Indicator

Series AJ Electric Flow IndicatorThis historically popular range of sight flow indicators come with or without the flap actuated low flow micro-switch.

RN Turbine Flowmeter

RN Turbine FlowmeterThis range of flowmeters will provide you with a highly accurate and economical way of measuring liquids over the range of 1 to 9000 litres/min.

RTB Rate Totaliser

RTB Rate TotaliserThe RTB has an LCD display of flowrate and flow total. It takes the output from flowmeters and can be used for local or remote indication.

ClearView Flow Meter

ClearView Flow MeterThe Clearview for low pressure water applications
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