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RTB Rate Totaliser

RTB Rate Totaliser

Quick and easy to setup 
Preset to your requirements 
Displays rate, total & accumulated total 
Optional 4-20mA output 
Mounts on the pipe, wall or flowmeter 
Battery, DC or loop powered 
Intrinsically safe version 
Waterproof enclosure 
The RTB Rate Totaliser is designed to display the flow rate and total of your process liquid. You can  use it for monitoring, controlling, dispensing, blending or filling of any liquid when used with turbine and pelton wheel flowmeters. The battery powered version is ideal for areas where a power supply is not available.
The flowrate and a resettable total are available at the press of a button. The RTB stores a non resettable total to monitor your total consumption.
Installation and Setup 
The display can be in any engineering units, for example litres per minute. Control is easy via the front keypad and it can be preset for your requirements. 
The RTB can be mounted directly on to your flowmeter, wall mounted or pipe mounted. Cables are installed via waterproof cable glands.
Optional Features
1.  Analogue 4-2OmA output 
An optional  two wire 4-2OmA output is available for transmission to other instruments or control equipment. It is scaleable to your requirements and provides a fast response to changes in flowrate. The operating power is drawn from the 4-2OmA loop so that the batteries will last indefinitely. 
2.   DC power supply 
This option requires a DC power supply of 8-35V.
The instrument is housed in a watertight enclosure and cable entry is via cable glands. 

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