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• Which Ranger Do I Need?
From our conversations with many customers, there are a few basic questions that will help you decide which Ranger product will handle your designs. However, each user has their own individual requirements and we are always willing to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us.
If you decide to start off with Ranger2 or Ranger2 XL, you can always upgrade to the next Ranger for the difference in price between the two (plus post and packing). All the Ranger designs are upwards compatible.
How much money do you have to spend?
When comparing Ranger's, you get what you pay for, so the more expensive products have more features - but you may not need them! Read on.....
(The entry level is Ranger2, then Ranger2 XL. Ranger XL is our top of the range product.)
• Do you require split power plane support?
If so, you would need to consider Ranger XL.
(Ranger2 and Ranger2 XL support individual power planes only.)
• Do your designs use surface mounted parts occasionally or frequently?
All the Ranger products are designed to handle surface mounted parts, however we would only recommend Ranger2 where smd's are used occasionally.
If your designs frequently contain smd's then Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL should be considered.
• How many rectangular pads do you use per design?
Ranger2 has a limitation of up to 16 different rectangular pads and 16 square pads per design.  This can be an issue if a variety of smd's are in use on each design. Ranger2 XL has a limit of 32 pads of each shape per design whilst Ranger XL doesn't have these limits.
• Do you require an auto-router?
All the Ranger products have our own rip-up and retry auto-router and a .dsn output for input to the Electra and Spectra auto-routers.
Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL have an interface to the new Electra auto-router. All products have an interface to the Spectra auto-router.
• How many artwork layers do you require?
The number of board layers doesn't tend to be an issue, but Ranger2 and Ranger2 XL have a maximum of 16 layers and Ranger XL has 64 layers.
• Do you require circuit schematic diagrams?
Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL have an improved schematic editor with many additional features over and above the editor supplied with Ranger2.
• How many different power rails do your designs contain?
Ranger2 has a limit of up to 8 different power rails per design, Ranger2 XL has 16 and Ranger XL has a limit of 256.
Your answers should give you an idea which Ranger will suit your designs. Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL also have reduced versions (limited parts/pins, etc.) that are less expensive.Still not sure? There is a more in-depth checklist at . Should you require any further details on the differences between the Ranger software, please feel free to contact us. All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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