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WSCAD - CAD Software

WSCAD - CAD Software

Electrical Schematic CAD Software for Electrical Engineering and Automation Technologies
WSCAD is an advanced computer aided design package for electronic and electrical design.  This versatile electrical engineering cad package is ideal for all types of electrical engineering design, planning and project control involving electronics, electrical and commercial electric service design.
WSCAD is modular structure, there fore you are able to start with basic - version and, at a later time, expand it to a higher-version (Compact or Professional) with more feature. Drawings that have been made with lower version are fully compatible with higher versions.
The three software modules of WSCAD 5 are built upon each other containing a tried and tested range of functions.
The Basic version is particularly suitable for commissioning, when the planning itself was already completed and no more major alterations are anticipated. It is equally well suited to the creation of smaller and less extensive projects.
The Compact version is often found in the maintenance department. The strength of the Compact version is in the adaptable circuit design, such as when an installation or machine already exists and needs modifications. In addition, this version is especially suitable for the creation of diagrams for small to medium-sized projects. Various automatic functions are available, such as cross-referencing, terminal charts, numbering and contact mirroring.
The Professional version is used in the planning, development and documentation of new projects. Here the user has at his disposal an extensive range of powerful online and monitoring functions which are indispensable in the creation of new projects. Errors are eliminated from the beginning and productivity is increased.

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