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Carbon Brushes for Wheel Motor Applications

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Carbon Brushes for Wheel Motor Applications

Morgan Advanced Material manufacture and supply carbon brushes to suit OHV – Off Highway Vehicle applications. 

The T825 carbon brush is the primary approved brush for all GE776, GE787 and GE788 wheel motor applications.

The T825 carbon brush will enhance commutator performance, by reducing the effect of 180° bar burning, whilst reducing the need for surface rounding brushes.

Part number - 41B537963P09
Length - 57.15mm
Width - 57.15mm
Thickness - 19.05mm

“Fit and Forget” Surface Rounding Brush
For those difficult maintenance applications we are pleased to offer our “fit and forget” SRB. Utilising a small insert between the carbon brush wafers, the SRB is designed to gently remove rough spots and non conductive patinas that can have detrimental affects on commutator surfaces.

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