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Northern Technologies cc

Surge and Lightning Protection Specialists
Founded in 1998 Northern Technologies SA is committed to providing surge and lightning protection solutions above and beyond your expectations. To this end, Northern Technologies SA ensures maximum uptime of your equipment through providing technical consulting, design and application engineering. We furthermore undertake installations and power quality surveys whether it is for the protection of a single sensitive device or comprehensive systems.
Northern Technologies SA offers a broad spectrum of products including but not limited to:
Silicon Avalanche Diode AC surge suppression
Our manufacturing facility was founded in 1985. From inception our main focus was the design of innovative products, whilst at the same time providing first-rate customer service and unparalleled technical support. This strategy has stood us in good stead and has positioned our plant as the "largest single source power protection supplier in the world".
For the protection of sensitive digital equipment during lightning strikes or power transients Northern Technologies successfully combines nondegradable, bipolar Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology for primary protection and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) as back-up.
Our AC power protection equipment is modular, field repairable and includes an "unconditional ´act of nature´, three-year warranty" against any and all damages. This results in downtime that is significantly decreased and equipment life that is notably extended.
"By choosing to do business with Northern Technologies SA you gain access to more than 70 years of combined experience in the lightning and surge suppression industry".
Class 1 Lightning Arrestors
Our Eastern European facility was founded in 1989, with its main activity the production of transient voltage protection devices in the field of low voltage power supply networks.
Our Class 1 metal oxide varistor products are of particular significance, because we have developed a range of products which provides fast-acting, modular devices with high-energy capabilities. These devices use semiconductor material as opposed to the antiquated air or spark gap technology. Northern Technologies now supplies a complete solution, which combines high-energy lightning protection with fast-acting surge suppression.
All surge and lightning protection offered by Northern Technologies is manufactured to the highest possible standards and comply with IEC, VDE, OVE, UL and ISO 9000.

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