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FLIR Launches LWIR High-Speed Camera for R&D and Science

FLIR Launches LWIR High-Speed Camera for R&D and Science

Product News Thursday, January 5, 2017: FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems has announced the X6570sc high-speed infrared camera, the latest in FLIR's X6000sc series of cameras for engineers, researchers, and scientists. This longwave infrared (LWIR) high performance camera offers the accuracy and microsecond-precision of FLIR's mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) detector paired with an intuitive user experience, so researchers can set-up quickly and get  working faster. 

FLIR engineered the X6570sc to provide researchers with measurement accuracy, advanced processing algorithms, and connectivity. The X6570sc camera records 640 x 512 full frame video at 234 Hz (up to 14,550 Hz with windowing) with the rapid integration times needed to analyze high-speed processes or monitor fast temperature spikes. The camera is sensitive enough to distinguish temperature differences down to 20 mK, and offers connection options including Camera Link Medium and BNC for sync and trigger with external equipment.

An important concern for many research labs is the difficulty of sharing equipment across users, departments, and locations. The X6570sc offers saved user configurations for efficient transfer between test teams. It's also free from import restrictions, so users in multiple departments or cross-border locations can fully focus on their research instead of worrying about export/usage restrictions. 

To find out more about using the X6570sc for research and development, go to or contact FLIR Systems at / +32-3665-5100.