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ISO 16890 Replaces EN 779

ISO 16890 Replaces EN 779

Product News Tuesday, June 13, 2017: Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (Pty) Ltd

As of January 2017, the new test standard ISO 16890 for filter testing and assessment replaces the previous standard EN 779 and will have sole validity from the middle of 2018 onwards. This happens with a transitional period of 18 months. During this period both standards can exist in parallel. It is possible that countries withdraw the 779 standard with immediate effect. In this case, ISO 16890 replaces EN 779 transition-free.

The United Kingdom and The Netherlands, for instance, have already withdrawn EN 779 at the beginning of 2017.

This new method for the evaluation of air filter elements represents a paradigm shift. In future, filter efficiencies will be determined with regard to the particulate classes PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, which are also used as evaluation parameters by the WHO (World Health Organization) and environmental authorities.


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