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Mimic Components CC

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South Africa

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Mosaic Mimic Electrical Panels

Mosaic Mimic Electrical Panels

Product News Monday, June 24, 2019: Mimic Components CC


Industrial Plants, Manufacturing & Processing Factories, Substations, Buildings, Power & Water Reticulation, Highway Management.


  • Wide range of Enclosures, Panels or tiled Mosaic Panels including an aluminium grid system. (Mosaic Panels are unlimited in size).
  • Anti-glare Mosaic tiles are 24 x 24mm, 24 x 48mm and 48 x 48mm in colours light grey and black.
  • Panels can include Bar Graphs, Digital Displays, Status LED's and Alarm Windows all driven by Modbus.
  • Graphic displays on tiles are plugged into a grid constructed from interlocking long and short sections.
  • Mosaic Tiles & Grid are made from Polycarbonate (Makrolon), a stable heat resistant material with matching expansion characteristics. 
  • All artwork symbols and line are completely engraved with the outlines filled in black and cannot be removed even with excessive cleaning.
  • Applications are best suited for layouts with infrequent changes.
  • Established and new customers to local market, African markets & Middle East.