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A Video Guide to Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Goods

A Video Guide to Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Goods

Product News Friday, August 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Please watch the video here.


As can be seen, this datalog can be used with any product to determine the transit temperature. Buyers can insist that the datalog be used from source or cold-rooms until destination. The data contained inside the datalog is invaluable to the recipient in the event of  spoilt-goods disputes, in that the PDF report clearly shows the temperature logged every 10 minutes throughout the journey.

Buyers can chose from 4 x different pre-set temperature ranges:
Frozen (-20°C to-16°C ) 
Chilled (2°C to -8°C)
Ripening (12°C to -14°C)
Ambient Pharma (8°C to -25°C)

To activate the datalogger, simply press the 'ON' button, drop it among the goods packed inside the box until it reaches final destination. Then simply plug the datalog into a PC to download the logged report in PDF format. The plastic sleeve is optional, it is waterproof and has a protection rating IP66. This does not interfere with the logger's functions.

The datalog is designed to be used once or multiple times to log 32,000 times with a 1 x year battery life before it expires and is disposed of.

The cost of the datalog is approximately R 350 + VAT making it a popular choice.

With increased transportation over the festive season, book well in advance to avoid disappointment.  



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