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New Dirak iLOQ S50 half cylinder swinghandle, from FDB Panel Fittings, addresses remote installation

New Dirak iLOQ S50 half cylinder swinghandle, from FDB Panel Fittings, addresses remote installation

Product News Monday, December 5, 2022: FDB Panel Fittings

How to keep Electronic locking of cabinets simple and efficient – without hassle – and convenient for remote installations - without incurring a multiplicity of keys, keypads or cards to accommodate cabinet access across many site installations, is one of the significant problems of today. Fortunately, the new iLOQ S50 half cylinder cleverly addresses this issue by offering a batteryless lock, powered and operated by a smartphone and the iLOQ app. This has been accommodated in a new Dirak IP 65 RC2 swinghandle available from FDB Panel Fittings – it is a combination designed specifically to enhance Security and Access Control of outdoor housings. This combination offers a solution to utility providers, such as power production and distribution companies, telecom network services, data centres, water treatment plants, property services and transportation services, who regularly face the challenge of simultaneously managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks.

Gary Miles MD at Panel Fittings explains that “to protect the closing system against unwanted human tampering or the effects of weather generally requires labour intensive and costly service and maintenance. This can create complex challenges for companies.”

“To address these issues and support our customers facing these challenges, DIRAK developed an IP 65 RC2 handle, specifically for the iLOQ S50 half cylinder. This cylinder requires neither batteries nor cables – just a phone and an app – which is a very smart solution.”

This new RC2 handle is safety-tested to DIN EN 1630 RC2 and is protected against unauthorized access while being dustproof and watertight to IP65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 thanks to its captive foamed seal. Manufacture in high-quality zinc die with a UV-resistant powder coating ensures protection against the weather and the spring-loaded, liftable operating lever directly indicates the closing status. As a further anti-vandal measure the top of the swinghandle is angled with an upward slope so that it cannot be used as a climbing aid – a feature which also prevents accumulation of dirt which could otherwise interfere with operation of the handle. The DIRAK RC2 handle is available from Panel Fittings while the iLOQ S50 half cylinder can be ordered from iLOQ (

With iLOQ S50, a smartphone is the key. Access rights to all property locks can be remotely shared and multiple sites can be conveniently consolidated into one user-friendly and secure cloud-based software platform, saving resources and simplifying access management. Other features include a design for use in harsh environments and extreme climatic conditions while also being dustproof and watertight. Access management is characterised by a user-friendly and secure cloud-based iLOQ Manager software platform.

Please contact FDB Panel Fittings for further information on the new iLOQ S50 half cylinder and the new Dirak IP 65 RC2 swinghandle.

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