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EMKA cabinet hinges detachable without tools speed assembly, installation and service

EMKA cabinet hinges detachable without tools speed assembly, installation and service

Product News Thursday, December 22, 2022: EMKA UK Ltd

Enclosure hardware is an aspect of whole system production that can easily be passed over with little consideration, but detail attention can often pay off disproportionately by speeding assembly, installation and servicing. EMKA explain that components, like cabinet hinges which are detachable without tools, not only make life easier for engineers but also save money in the process.

EMKA have a growing range of these convenient hinges as either lift off with integral pin – or with removable but retained pin which cannot get lost. Their 1110 program for example is designed for prominent doors and incorporates an innovative taper pin mounting system so the whole hinge may be fitted without tools – including fitment to the case and the door. Bullet type hinges on the other hand are easily welded to the cabinet and provide a lift-off facility so that the carcase and the door may be completed separately and then finally assembled when ready.

For HVACR equipment the 9081 program incorporates an integral de-latching mechanism which is manually operated once the locking component is unlocked – this enables the hinge to be disengaged while gradually releasing any internal pressure so that the door may be opened or removed in a safe condition once pressure has equalised with the outside environment.

Internally mounted captive pin hinges in stainless steel or zinc plated steel may be screwed on or welded and provide the reassurance of concealment plus the convenience of a retained pivot pin – these are often used on larger cabinets where a smooth external aesthetic is desired together with easily removable doors.

Further information on detachable cabinet hinges from EMKA can be found at Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – or follow them on twitter -



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