$17 Billion Kai Tak Development in Hong Kong
Following Hong Kong’s $35 million cleanup of Kai Tak airport and its relocation to Chek Lap Kok Island a comprehensive plan was formulated to develop the rehabilitated land nearby Victoria harbor. When complete the project will sit on 790 acres of land, take 12 years of work and cost a total of $16.76 billion.

The aim of the multifaceted project is to take what had become an abandoned area of Hong Kong and turn it into a high quality residential and business district with large open space parks and hospitals thus improving the living environment in Hong Kong.
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The Biggest Breakthrough in Propulsion since the Jet Engine
Reaction Engines, a privately funded UK company, is developing Skylon , an unpiloted, reusable spaceplane designed to allow runway to earth orbits and return flights, significant reductions in costs versus existing technologies, and a 400% increase in reliability. The vision is for fleets of Skylons owned by nations and companies that want access to space to launch satellites and transport cargo in a manner similar to the current civil aviation aircraft industry but who don't want to go through the time and cost of developing their own independent launch systems.
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Bloodhound SSC Supersonic Car gets Solartron Metrology as New Sponsor
Solartron Metrology, a unit of AMETEK, Inc., has agreed to a sponsor the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car being developed by an international educational initiative to break the world land speed record. Along with the sponsorship, Solartron Metrology will provide customized linear measurement products along with extensive knowledge and expertise drawn from its experience with the Thrust SSC, a jet-propelled car that established the current world land speed record.
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3 Ways to Reduce Process Automation Energy Waste
Integrating automation and control with energy monitoring can save you up to 30% in energy costs. Three new Schneider Electric software tools now analyze and integrate energy and production data. Each of these tools is a key software component of EcoStruxure™ Energy Management architecture.

The Vijeo Citect™ +PowerConnect tool links power meters to the Vijeo Citect process control human machine interface (HMI), enabling comprehensive analysis of power metrics alongside process information.
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Poisoned airport cost $35 million to clean up

With 30 million passengers traveling through Hong Kong’s 50 year old and crumbling Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong had a big problem. They needed a new airport but land in Hong Kong was scarce. read more
High-Performance Sensor for Precise Linear Positioning

Solarton Metrology , a unit of AMETEK, Inc., has updated its Optimum Sensor Series with the addition of theOP/25narrow-bodied, high-performance sensor. read more
3D Printing is Quicker, More Elegant with DeltaMaker

Over the course of the last year we’ve seen a number of new entrants into the consumer 3D printer market, and 2013 looks to follow that trend. Unlike last year’s stars, the newest entrant has a unique build method. read more
Ingersoll Rand Introduces the 100% Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in compressed air technology, has launched its new, industry leading L-Series Class 0 rotary screw air compressor that delivers the only proven 100% oil-free air. read more
Futuristic Wearable Displays are now a Reality

Google’s ubiquity and influence in the search engine business often transfers, at least in the beginning, to other products it creates and seeks to market. With deep pockets and a world-class marketing team Google introduced Google glasses by live streaming a skydive from a blimp over San Francisco during its launch event. read more
Pressure Switches for Baby Sea Otters

When the Oregon Coast Aquarium needed a reliable pressure switch for its Ozone Filtration system, they turned to the World Magnetics range of reliable switches. read more
Going Nuts for Peristaltic Pumps

As you sit there eating your bag of dry roasted peanuts, take a moment to think about how this little nut is produced. An oven with temperature controlled air circulation for continuous... read more
Win 1 of 3 "Trust Me I'm an Engineer" shirts!

Do you want to win one of the "Trust me I'm an Engineer" shirts? We are going to give away a shirt to three winners who shares and refers friends to this contest. The more referrals you get the more chances you have to win. read more
Fenner Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers

Fenner, a leading brand in BMG’s extensive range of power transmission components, marks 85 years of service in South Africa. Incorporated in the Bearing Man Group’s range of Fenner products. read more
Giants Carrying Iceland’s Electricity

Landsnet, Iceland national power transmission company launched a competition with the goal to obtain new ideas in types and appearances for 220kV high-voltage towers and lines. read more
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