China Consumes 33% of Global Photovoltaic Panel Shipments in Q4’12
The Chinese end-market dominated shipments of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels during the final quarter of 2012 with 33% of global end-market demand, according to new research released in the NPD Solarbuzz Quarterly report. "Just two years ago, the Chinese end-market was less than 10% of global PV demand,” stated Michael Barker, Senior Analyst at NPD Solarbuzz. “However, during Q4’12, a third of all global PV panel shipments ended up in China."
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Electromagnetic Harvester. Charging Batteries from Thin Air
Capacitive electromagnetic fields are created by a simple current flow in devices like photocopiers, printers, coffee makers, wireless devices , and electric substations. Most of these activities involve the transfer of information as their primary purpose but there byproduct is capacitive electromagnetic fields that can be harvested using coils and high-frequency diodes.
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Why an Engineer would specify a Rotary Lobe Pump
The rotary lobe pump has become a leading example of modern positive displacement pump design. Exciting new innovations and developments are being introduced each year. Based on the Blower principle, the concept has evolved over decades from a niche product to one of the fastest growing products for pumping applications. As the design continues to evolve, new applications are constantly discovered.
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Ruggedized MOBOTIX Cameras for the Mining Industry
In the Mining industry, environmental conditions are extremely harsh. Video cameras are playing an increasingly important role in surveillance and management of mining systems and controls. Nowadays mines also use digital cameras to monitor the flow of products on conveyor belts, equipment surveillance in yards, and prepared blast sites. Cameras operating in these severe environmental conditions above and underground.
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Sahara Forest Project: Turning Deserts Into Forested Havens

The world has an abundance of deserts, sunlight, saltwater and CO2 and a shortage of arable land, food , clean energy, fresh water and clean air. Finding ways to use what is abundant to produce that which is scarce is the big challenge of the 21st century. read more
Win 1 of 3 "Trust Me I'm an Engineer" shirts!

Do you want to win one of the "Trust me I'm an Engineer" shirts? We are going to give away a shirt to three winners who shares and refers friends to this contest. The more referrals you get the more chances you have to win. read more
Online Configurator Helps Match Thyristor to Machine Loads

CD Automation‘s newly launched Application product selector effectively cross-tabulates different single and three-phase machine loads from 30A to 2700A for a comprehensive range of thyristor power controllers. read more
High Efficiency Precision Ball Screw Design

The low friction within ball screw designs means that a high mechanical efficiency is delivered compared to that of lead screw designs. A typical ball screw may be 90 percent efficient, versus 50 percent efficiency of a lead screw of equal size. read more
Machine Guarding Components from Elesa UK

Machine guarding systems are becoming much more refined and widespread as we all deal with the increasingly sophisticated implications of social and technical trends in industry, from manufacturing to packaging and processing. read more
Siemens State of the Art Wind Turbines at Sea

See how a leader in wind power uses NI LabVIEW graphical software and user-defined hardware to develop highly reliable, state-of-the art wind turbines. read more
Automated AV Performance Testing of HDMI & Mobile Devices

National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) today announced the company’s newest multimedia test offering, the NI PXIe-1491 digital audio and video analyzer for HDMI, DVI and mobile devices. read more
New Addition to BY Series Butterfly Valves

BI-TORQ Valve Automation now offers TFE seated butterfly valves sizes 2" through 12". The valves have the same features as the BY series, cast iron body with stainless disc and stem. read more
High-Performance Sensor for Precise Linear Positioning

Solarton Metrology , a unit of AMETEK, Inc., has updated its Optimum Sensor Series with the addition of theOP/25narrow-bodied, high-performance sensor. read more
500 HP Dodge Tomahawk 0-60 in 2.5 and tops out at 420 MPH

Sensation seeking is a bona fide personality trait thought to have a strong genetic component. The Sensation-Seeking Scale measures a person’s readiness to take risks for the sake of experiencing stimulation. read more
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