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Modular converters for MCR technology

The modular MCR converters for MCR technology avoid the distortion of analog signals caused by external interferences. With accurate conversion, isolation, filtering or adaptation of analog signals, they provide safe and increased transmission quality and thus the quality of closed-loop control circuits. This is reflected in the following product segments:

  • MINI Analog: The modular, 6 mm wide system offers state-of-the-art technology for the most demanding requirements throughout the signal conversion range.
  • Isolation: The MCR signal isolators are used to electrically isolate, amplify, filter and condition analog signals.
  • Temperature: The MCR temperature measuring transducers are available for resistance thermometers (e.g. PT100, Ni 1000, ...) and thermocouples (e.g. of the types J, K ...).
  • Power: The MCR current and voltage measuring transducers convert currents and voltages into standard analog signals.
  • Conversion: The MCR measuring transducers convert different signal values, e.g. frequency and speed, to analog signals suitable for the control system.
  • Control: The MCR monitoring modules record analog signals and control and monitor a function in relation to the signal value.

MINI Analog

  • Isolation
  • Temperature
  • Conversion
  • Control


  • 3-way isolating amplifier
  • Signal multiplier
  • Repeater power supply
  • Loop-powered isolator
  • Passive isolators


  • Programmable temperature measuring transducers
  • Configurable temperature measuring transducers
  • Temperature relay for PT100
  • Loop-powered temperature measuring transducers


  • Current measuring transducers up to 11 A
  • Current measuring transducers up to 55 A
  • Current measuring transducers up to 5 A
  • Current measuring transducers up to 400 A
  • Passive current measuring transducers up to 5 A
  • Current protectors up to 16 A
  • DC voltage measuring transducers up to +/- 660 V
  • AC voltage measuring transducers up to 440 V


  • Programmable frequency measuring transducers
  • Digital/analog converters


  • Programmable threshold value switches
  • Threshold value switches
  • Passive threshold value switches
  • Digital display of standard signals
  • Digital display of temperature
  • Digital display of frequencies, pulses, times
  • Digital display of set point adjuster
  • Set point potentiometers
  • DIN rail adapters for digital displays
  • Constant voltage source

Configuration software package

  • Software and adapter cable

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