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PLUSCON – Device connection technology

PLUSCON – Device connection technology


The PLUSCON range documents industrial connectors for data, signal and power cables, as well as for fiber optics. The complete offer for the sensor/actuator cabling makes this range a standard for field wiring.

Circular Connectors – PLUSCON circular

PLUSCON circular stands for circular connectors for use in industrial automation. The range of design sizes available is varied, starting with the design sizes M5 to M8 and M12, for sensor/actuator connection technology through M17, M23 predominantly for the transmission of analog and digital signals, up to M40 and M58 connectors. The latter are used exclusively for the transmission of electrical power up to 150 A at 630 V per contact feed-through. The overall spectrum serves the entire range of circular connectors for industrial applications.

Sensor/actuator flush-type connectors
A comprehensive program of M5, M8 and M12 flush-type connectors and panel feed-throughs has been developed from the various requirements of sensor/actuator device connection technology in the industrial sector. Customized developments enable optimal adaptation of individual device concepts.

Configurable sensor/actuator plugs
Safe and efficient assembly is crucial in field wiring. The 5-way selection option provided by the connection technology offers fine-tuning for specific applications or requirements in the field. The configurable connectors are available in different versions as unshielded and EMC-compliant components.

Signal and power connectors
The device connection of electric drives plays a prominent role due to the wide variety of applications for signal and power connectors. In addition to cable and coupling connectors, cabling also required device flanges and panel feed-throughs. The ConPower product range is designed accordingly. It comprises a total of 4 performance classes.
P20 – up to 20 A/400 V
P30 – up to 30 A/630 V
P70 – up to 70 A/630 V
P150 – up to 150 A/630 V

  • Sensor/actuator flush-type connectors
    o M5/M8 – with litz wire and solder connections
    o M12 – Front mounting with litz wires
    o M12 – Rear mounting with litz wires
    o M12 – Rear mounting, wave soldering
    o M12 – Rear mounting, THR
    o M12 – Contact carrier, wave soldering
    o 7/8” – Front mounting with litz wires
  • Configurable sensor/actuator plus
    o M8 – Solder connection
    o M8 – Screw and Piercecon connection
    o M8 – Solder and screw connection, shielded
    o M12 – Spring-cage and screw connection
    o M12 – QUICKON connection
    o M12 – Spring-cage / screw connection, shielded
    o 7/8” – Screw connection
  • Sensor/actuator flush-type connectors
    o M23 – Signal / feedback connectors
    o M23 – Power connectors
    o M40 – Power connectors

Sensor/Actuator Cabling – PLUSCON field

The entire program for field installation from a single source
In distributed connection technology, passive distributor systems link the peripheral devices and the PLC controller. Phoenix Contact offers the most comprehensive range of sensor/actuator cabling on the market. Passive M5, M8 and M12 cabling, complete with distributor boxes, cables and configurable connectors, is available from stock as standard.

Customer/sector-specific solutions
In order to be able to react flexible to your requirements, conductors and boxes can be manufactured to suit with specific conductor lengths and types (e.g. other sheath colors).
Phoenix Contact now offers a seamless program for sensor/actuator cabling to meet the specific requirements within the food industry. The components are manufactured from special materials, which means that e.g. the smooth surfaces provide neither a foothold nor a breeding ground for microorganisms. All products are approved for use in the food industry.

Faster mounting with SPEEDCON quick locking
SPEEDCON is the logical development of the M12 connector system that has been established and accepted for many years. Following the motto of “Plug & Turn”, the connection time for M12 connectors is cut by 90%.
Redundant warehousing is not necessary due to 100% downward compatibility. This makes it possible to gradually change products over to the new connection method.

Convenient selection with PLUSCON field Select
To make it easier for you to select from the different product groups, the PLUSCON field select software makes it possible to configure the sensor/actuator cabling according to your own needs

  • Sensor/actuator cable
    o Sensor/actuator cable – M5
    o Sensor/actuator cable – M8 and M12
    o Y/T distributor, adapter – M8 and M12
    o Valve connectors
    o Sensor/actuator cable – ½”
    o Sensor/actuator cable – 7/8”
  • Sensor/Actuator Boxes
    o Sensor/actuator boxes – M5
    o Sensor/actuator boxes – M8
    o Sensor/actuator boxes – M12, plastic thread
    o Sensor/actuator boxes – M12, metal thread
    o Sensor/Actuator Boxes – QUICKON slots
  • Configurable sensor/actuator plugs
    o Sensor/actuator flush-type connectors
    o Sensor/actuator plugs – M8
    o Sensor/actuator plugs – M12
    o Sensor/actuators plugs – 7/8”

Data Connectors – PLUSCON data

Standardized data interfaces are coming into increasing use in connection with industrialized applications as part of the decentralization of complex manufacturing systems and the increasing need for rapid exchanges of information and data. Within the course of the decentralization of complex manufacturing systems in the increasing requirement of a quick information and data exchange, standardized data interfaces are used in industrialized applications. Industrial environmental conditions place high requirements on connectors, connection technology and cabling which are not comparable with those in the office sector. With PLUSCON data, Phoenix Contact offers components suitable for industry in the protection types of IP20 and IP67 for such Classic field buses as Interbus and Profibus, industrial Ethernet, Profinet, USB and Fire Wire.

Complete installation system
The product range consists of connectors, wall feed-throughs, assembled lines, patch panels, terminal outlets as well as the respective accessories and thus makes for a complete installation system. PLUSCON data is suitable for use in field and industrial building cabling inside control cabinets as well as for integration in machines with a high protection type.

Simple field assembly
Easy-to-operate quick-connect technologies are available for assembling the connectors under difficult conditions in industrial environments. The RJ45 Quickon and the M12-Quickon can be assembled for Ethernet and Profinet cabling without special tools.

Copper and fiber optic technology in the same design
The FO connectors SCRJ in protection type IP20 and IP 67, which are especially suitable for the industrial Ethernet, are available for all conventional fiber types and are also equipped with established quick-connect technology. The assembly tools sets contain all tools and materials needed for field assembly.

  • Industrial Ethernet
    o Basics and topology
    o RJ45 connector, cables and patch panel
    o M12 connector with flush-type connectors
    o Tools for copper-based cabling
    o SCRJ45 connector and patch panel
    o Tools for FO cabling
    o Basics and topology
    o RJ45 connector and patch panel
    o M12 connector with flush-type connectors
    o SCRJ connectors
    o Power Connectors
    o Tools for copper and FO-based cabling
  • Fieldbuses
    o System overview/structure
    o CANopen and DeviceNet
    o AS-Interface
  • USB and Firewire
  • D-SUB based connector

Device Connectors – PLUSCON device

The direct PCB connection and the elimination of a panel mounting base – these are the outstanding features of the modular, compact IP67 connector system.
It is especially suitable for use in your devices, but also in the terminal boxes and control cabinets in harsh industrial environments. Due to the modular structure and the multitude of contact inserts from signal to power connections at 70 A, VARIOCON specifically offers proven solutions in the area of the electrical drive engineering.
The basis of the program is formed by modular contact inserts with screw and PCB connection, as well as permanent contact inserts with crimp connection for turned and rolled contacts. The universally usable screw connections are characterized by high reliability, low transmitting resistances and a compact design. The contact insert modules are completely finger contact protected and can be coded against mismating. The direct PCB connection will save you a complete routing level and offers process safety and space savings in the device assembly.
The VARIOCON housing is available in different versions. Plastic housings made of tough polyamide, metal housings made of die-cast zinc with a polyester coating as well as metal housings with a conductive EMC nickel surface. The sturdy screw lock protects the connectors against accidental opening and mechanical interferences such as shock and vibration.

  • System Configuration
    o Contact insert and connector sets
    o Power contact inserts
    o Contact insert modules
    o Sleeve and panel mounting frames
    o Contact carriers for crimp contacts
    o Sleeve housings
    o Supporting base elements
    o Half screw connections
    o Adapter plates

Heavy-duty Industrial Connectors – PLUSCON heavy

The product range of PLUSCON heavy contains a comprehensive assortment of sturdy rectangular connectors for quick start-up and service under the harshest operating conditions.
DUPLICON is a new development by Phoenix Contact for individual decentralized installation with a focus on power distribution. The stackable connectors can be easily and flexibly integrated in modular machines and systems. Thanks to its stackability, DUPLICON offers a seamless installation from the DIN rail in the control cabinet to the PCB in the field equipment and can be upgraded with simple plug-ins.
HEAVYCON connectors in protection type IP65 have been established for decades in the industrial environment. The housing group HEAVYCON-ADVANCE is a further development of the classic HEAVYCON plugs for panel feed-throughs up to the IP68 protection type. The housing is mounted directly to the mounting panel by using screw or bayonet locking.
PLUSCON heavy offers you a comprehensive solution spectrum of connectors for sensitive signals in the range of a few mAs up to the high currents of 200 A in various pos. numbers. The contact inserts and contact insert module are available in screw, crimp, spring-cage, push-in, axial screw and QUICKON quick connection technology. The housing of resistant aluminum die cast are quipped with sturdy locks. They protect the contact inserts against dust, moisture and mechanical outside effects. An extensive assortment of accessories rounds out the program for your applications.
Phoenix Contact delivers connector sets and assembled cables upon request. We are available with our extensive solution competency for special requests.

  • Power distributor DUPLICON
    o Application options
    o Connector sets
    o Contact inserts
    o Housing
  • Heavy-duty connectors HEAVYCON
    o System Cross-Reference List
    o Connection methods – Overview
    o Connectors with QUICKON connection
    o Fixed position contact inserts
    o Modular contact inserts
    o Terminal adapter
    o Housing
    o Cable screw connections

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