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Econo-Series Polymer Units

Econo-Series Fully Automated Reagent Plant

Econo-flock series units offer a focused approach to the flocculation process which includes make-up, maturing and dosing. These units are used for the preparation, hydration and dosing of powder or liquid flocculants. A robustly durable design makes these units ideal for process, pulp & paper, water treatment and underground applications.
The 5 models (00 – 04) is derived from their respective capability on the consumption of polymer usage per hour. Customers can choose between outright ownership purchase and monthly rental options with or without a service maintenance agreement. We do not prescribe to our customers the flocculent they must use, which leaves the decision entirely at their discretion to obtain the flocculent at commodity prices.
The following features define these units:
  • Pre-engineered unit, of robust construction (mild steel or stainless steel),
  • Stainless steel screw feeder and hopper with minimum of 24 hr Capacity.
  • Correctly sized stirrers protecting the molecular chain of the flocculent.
  • Positive displacement dosing pumps,
  • Interlock protection for all critical components
  • Minimum of IP 55 protection on all components
  • Skid mounted for ease of installation or re-location
  • Conversion(s) between liquid and powder polymer are possible.
The benefits achieved for the customer includes: that the units is fully automated, has very low operational costs with limited maintainable items, has accurately sized components, maximum efficiency of polymer, hydration times of 3 hours, flexible concentration parameters, low transport & installation costs, short & prompt commissioning times, in-house engineering & manufacturing, compatible with powder polymer and liquid latex, no excessive energy or shearing during make-up, user-friendly fault finding & operational manual, standard units ranging from 200g/hr to 10 kg/hr to choose from and it is easy to change configuration & set-up parameters.

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