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Reagent and Flock Make-up and Dosing Plants

20 kg/hr Converntional Make-Up & Dosing System

Commodity and specialized reagents such as Guar, Xanthate, Copper Sulfate, Coagulant, Lime, Urea, Magnesium Chlorite and Flocculent are used on nearly all-mineral beneficiation or Water plants.

The use of a Reagent or Flocculent improves the efficiency of recovering the mineral and facilitates efficient process or water recovery. Reagent plants are used wherever an additive is required to cause either a mineral or a waste product to settle out or float in the process or the water circuit. Water recovery operations often tend to lose or waste costly reagents due to the use of inefficient, ill equipped or make-shift preparation plants.

AS Automech has a selection of Compact Reagent and Flocculent plants with various bulk storage options designed to provide and accommodate delivery schedules and on site storage requirements. Our Preparation Plants is available in a range of sizes based on volumetric flow, retention and hydration times to meet the process demand. Advanced design features allow ease of logistics and installation.

Our unique and proprietary design of integral components were created by engineers who understands what it take to keep a processing plant functioning smoothly and efficient.



  • Fully Automated.
  • Very low operational costs and limited maintainable items.
  • Accurately sized components ensures maximum efficiency of polymer and good hydration times
  • Flexible concentration parameters and no excessive energy or shearing during make-up.
  • Low transport and installation costs with prompt commissioning times.
  • In-house engineering and fabrication with trail pre-erection and assembly ensuring fluent site assembly with limited site work.
  • High quality paint specification, internally and externally for maximum practical life of equipment.


Static Mixers for Inline Dilution

Reagent solutions can be easily post-diluted by these compact stations with integrated flow meter control. The required mixing is achieved before the stock solution is added into the medium to be treated. The Static Mixer is an inline-mixing device with no moving parts. This makes it a unique piece of processing equipment as it requires no external power source and is completely maintenance free. The Static Mixer produces a homogeneous blend. Typical flow rates of 400 to 50000 l/h can be achieved with AS Static mixers

Screw or Rotary Feeder

A in-house designed dry material feeder allows dosing of dry and free flowing granulated products either directly or indirectly for make-up or transporting purposes. Dosing capacities of 0,5 to 8000 kg/h can be achieved accurately without blocking or bridging.

Active Jets ™or Hydrators

AS Automech has developed a unique Active Jet ™ or Hydrator unit allowing for big volumes of highly concentrated polymers or reagents to be prepared and made-up in reasonably short times with highly effective de-coiling without sheering or damage to the molecule string of the reagent. Make-up rates of 50 to 500 Kg/hr can be reached if required.

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