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Bulk Technik has developed vibrating bin dischargers that are fitted to the outlet cone of silos and hoppers. The bin dischargers or commonly also called bin activators assist with discharging dry product from a silo by preventing it from bridging or rat-holing. Generally product flow is more uniform essentially on a first in first out principle. The bin dischargers can be retrofitted to most existing silos, provided the discharge cones meet certain requirements.
The vibrating bin discharger essentially consists of a fixed ring that is attached to the silo and a conical discharge portion which is suspended on hangers and free to move horizontally by the eccentric forces exerted by an electric vibrating motor. The horizontal movement of the bin discharger breaks up material bridges by moving the material particles which are transmitted up the silo cone. In addition to this, the Bulk Technik designed vibrating bin dischargers incorporate an inverted cone, that relieves downward material pressure and thereby promotes material flow even further.
The hanger arrangement incorporates vibration dampers that minimizes the vibrations being transferred onto the silo shell. This allows the bin discharger to be used with a silo weigh system, because the damped vibrations do not affect the accuracy of it. Furthermore, the structural integrity of the silo is also maintained, because it is not exposed to vibrational fatigue that commonly will lead cracks elongating in the material or welds.
Bulk Technik can supply both mild steel and stainless steel bin discharges which are suitable for silos ranging from less than 5 m3 to over 200 m3.

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