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Cone Valve, Material Inlet Valve, Material Handling Valves

The cone valve that Bulk Technik has designed and manufactures is ideally suited as a material inlet valve to a pressure vessel. The cone valve essentially is an inverted metal cone that is lowered and raised into a seat by a pneumatic cylinder. When the cone is lowered, powder or liquid enters the pressure vessel. When the cone is raised, the valve closes and the material or fluid flow is stopped. If abrasive products or powders with large granules are filled into the pressure vessel, an additional material shut off valve should be installed upstream, so that the cone does not seal against this material.
The design of the cone valve is unique from most other valves, because the cone is pushed into the seal by the vessel pressure, thus crating a better seal with increasing pressure. Furthermore, it is a far safer valve to use than a dome valve or butterfly valve, because the cone valve can not be accidentally opened when the pressure vessel is pressurized. The pneumatic cylinder that raises and lowers the cone, simply does not have sufficient force to do this.
An additional advantage that our cone valve has over a pinch valve or a dome valve is that, the dome valve does not require a higher supply pressure than the internal vessel pressure. Both pinch and some valves require at least a 1.5 - 2 bar pressure differential in order for them to seal, thus for these valves, the supply pressure has to be set higher only for sealing purposes.
The seats of the cone valve are precision machined and the case hardened in order to prolong the lifespan of the valve. Typically these valves only require to have the seats and seals changed after a number of years in service, even when used with abrasive materials.
These very robust and durable valves have been successfully in operation on many conveying systems at Anglo Platinum where over 2000 t of highly abrasive product is conveyed on a daily basis.

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