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Explosion Panels, Explosion Ventilation Panels

When combustible products such as flour are mixed with the oxygen in air, they become a highly flammable and explosive mixture. A spark from static build-up could ignite this volatile mixture resulting in a catastrophic explosion with total destruction of the silo and buildings or other structures in its vicinity. A normal over pressure device is insufficient to vent the internal pressure build-up that results from the combustion.
The only effective way of preventing damage to the silo and surrounds is by providing a large venting area through which the pressure can escape. Bulk Technik has designed special explosion panels that are installed on the silo roof. These panels make use of a shear pin, which breaks when the internal silo pressure exceeds approximately 25 kPa. Furthermore the explosion panels have an air-tight seal, preventing ingress of dirt from the outside.
In the event that an over pressure is reached within the silo, the shear pin will break and the panel will open, allowing the air to escape. Unlike a bursting disk, which is destroyed and has to be replaced each time an over pressure is reached, the only part that requires replacing is a shear pin. The Bulk Technik explosion panel is therefore a very cost effective way of maintaining a safe working environment as well as complying to safety regulations.

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