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Pneumatic Knocker, Material Handling Equipment

The pneumatic knocker is a cost effective way of getting material to flow out of a bin or silo by exerting an impact force onto the silo shell. The force created by the impact is transferred into the material particles which then dislodge and begin to flow. This is essentially has the same effect as hitting the discharge with a hammer or mallet, however, the pneumatic hammer does not dent or deform the discharge spout, which then makes material flow even worse.
The pneumatic knocker consists of a base plate that is securely welded to the hopper or silo wall. The body of the knocker is then bolted to this and connected to a compressed air source. The internal ram is accelerated when the compressed air is opened via a hand valve or solenoid valve and then impacts the base plate. When the valve is closed, an internal spring pushes the ram back to its starting position. The intensity of the impact can be adjusted by regulating the air pressure, while different sized knockers, provide grater or smaller impact forces.
Unfortunately the pneumatic knockers make a relatively loud noise, because the impact onto the silo wall is not damped, since that would reduce its effectiveness. Should the noise be a problem, we can supply the unit with a sound insulation hood.
All the controls required to operate one or multiple knockers can also be supplied.

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