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CompAir SmartAir Compressed Air Intelligent System Controller

CompAir SmartAir Compressed Air Intelligent System Controller

Energy efficiency should be at the top of any compressed air user’s priority list no matter how large or small the compressors are. The fact still remains that energy accounts for up to 80 % of the total cost of owning a compressor. To optimise energy usage and energy efficiency in any system using multiple compressors an intelligent system controller is essential.
In compressed air systems where individual compressors run without a central control between 10 to 50 % of energy could be wasted. To help customers achieve the highest levels of system efficiency CompAir has introduced the SmartAir Lite to its existing compressed air management range.
In addition to the more sophisticated SmartAir Master which is designed to control up to 12 compressors both fixed and variable speed, the SmartAir Lite is designed to intelligently control up to 4 fixed speed compressors, and offer the compressor system the highest level of efficiency. This is achieved by controlling the overall system pressure band and reducing it to the lowest operating point as well as optimising and managing co mpressor selection.
System set up and operating modes can be seen and changed via the clear and easy to use LED display.
Three pre-programmed operation modes are:
  • FIFO – First in first out
  • Equal running hours
  • Timer rotation
The highest system efficiency and reliability is achieved by running the system in the most suitable mode for the application.


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