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Oil Free Centrifugal Compressors

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CompAir Quantima - delivering a major breakthrough in oil-free compressor technology
Quantima's patented Q-drive compression and motor assembly has just one moving part and operates with the rotor spining in a magnetic field at up to 60,000 rpm.
Q-drive is special for what it does have:
  • No gearbox
  • No oil
  • No contact
  • No wear
Quantima delivers a range of benefits to customers globally, the most tangible of which is energy savings, directly and significantly benefiting both the environment and the customer's bottom line. Quantima is a smaller, quieter compressor with zero risk of oil contamination and the added peace of mind delivered with extremely reliable operation and 24/7 remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
CompAir's Quantima delivers a major breakthrough in oil free compressor technology.
Quantima is installed and actively providing major efficiencies and cost savings in the following industries.
  • Technology
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Packaging
  • Energy
  • Glass
CompAir Quantima - satisfaction is knowing that customer's expectations have been met and exceeded.


Just six months after installing new Quantima compressors from CompAir, Jaguar Land Rover’s (Jaguar) Castle Bromwich plant is on target to achieve annual electricity savings in the region of 3 million kWh, with a payback on return on investment within two years.
Jaguar Land Rover, United Kingdom
Following installation, an independent engineering consultancy tested the performance of the compressor station. The results were even better than CompAir’s original forecasts, with energy efficiency up to 5% higher than expected.
Daimler Mercedes Benz, Germany
Unlike other conventional compressors that we have considered, Quantima’s Q-Drive assembly has only one moving part, the rotor shaft, which has no contact and no wear – helping us to lower our operating costs and reduce our environmental footprint.
Ahlstrom, Finland
Prior to the Quantima installation, our compressed air system was using 9.1 kW to generate each cubic metre of air per minute. Now, with Quantima, this specific power consumption has reduced significantly to just 6.12 kW/Nm3/min. In simple terms, we are now producing compressed air at best practice levels and with much better efficiency – to the effect, it is now taking 35% less power for us to generate a higher air output.
Murray Goulburn, Australia
Quantima Air Compressors deliver significant benefits over traditional technology. Energy savings of up to 25% and more are easily achievable with Quantima.
A major leap forward in compression technology developed and patented by CompAir – it’s easy to see how this innovative compressor is set to revolutionise energy savings and efficiencies.


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