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Cabinet Dryers

Cabinet Dryers

Air is drawn in through the inlet duct and heated to the required temperature. The air is then distributed from side to side or bottom to top in a circular motion, according to specific drying requirements.

Feeding / discharge:
Manual. Can be automated with tray filling systems. Trolleys pushed in and out. May be automated through the oven for continuous systems. These are sometimes referred to as tunnel dryers.

Feed Characteristics:
Liquids, slurries, pastes, powders, granules, agglomerates, and solids (objects). Suitable for small volumes - up to 4000 kg.

Heat Source:
Steam, electrical, thermal oil, or gas

Mostly Direct. Flow may be cross, through the bed, or impingement.

Residence time:
Infinitely controllable. Can ramp and soak. Very accurate temperature control.

By pressure. Usually single re-circulation fan. Can have multiple fans depending on unit size.

Dust Collection:
Typically none. For powders can be installed

Control: Solid state controllers, PLC infrequently.

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 600oC
  • Cost Effective
  • Recycling of air reduces operating costs
  • Low maintenance - only one moving part
  • Can be manufactured from various materials
  • Maximum control of heat/air system
  • Uniform drying if designed properly
  • Fully insulated
  • Rugged and Robust

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 600oC
  • Small batches
  • Drying uniformity can be impaired if badly designed
  • Labor intensive operation
  • Batch operation does not support automation.

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