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Viledon pocket filters are designed for toughest environmental conditions due to their mechanical stability and high dust holding capacity/long lifetime. The features are: leak-free welded filter pockets foam-sealed into the front frame, progressive structure of the filter media, inherent rigidity of the filter pockets and aerodynamic design. They are non-corroding, moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity, thermally stable up to 70°C. Viledon pocket filters are available in the filter classes G3 to F9.
Viledon pocket filters Compact
Increase the efficiency of your filtration system. By using Viledon Compact pocket filters you save on energy costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. Viledon pocket filters are predominantly used for filtering the intake, exhaust and recirculated air flows in air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
•Viledon Compact pocket filters G35, F40, F50 the robust filter series for heavy coarse dust loadings, even at high air flow rates. High functional reliability, even under extremely moist and wet operating conditions. The space-saving filter series with shorter pockets for plants where the use of long-pocket filters would not be possible. High functional reliability, even under extremely moist and wet operating conditions.
•As“thriftperformers”, T60 pocket filters offer vital preconditions for optimum efficiency and availability of turbomachinery: very low pressure drops, high dust holding capacity, and long useful lifetimes, coupled with exceptional sturdiness even when subjected to pump surges. They can be relied on to arrest aggressive, abrasive particles, thus minimizing both fouling and erosion of the blades.
•T 90 and MF 90 Compact pocket filters meet the most stringent of requirements in fine-filtration jobs, and ensure very high clean-air quality, thus making a crucial contribution to cost- efficient operation of sensitive systems and processes. Nano jetSpin is the specific media technology that’s incorporated in Viledon Compact pocket filters T 90, MF 90 and MF 95. The secret to the success of these Nano jetSpin filter media lies in their 4-layered nonwoven structure.
Winair - Viledon Compact Pocket Filters 
Viledon WinAir pocket filters are specifically designed for HVAC applications. They create a good room air quality based on good arrestance coupled with a low pressure drop. Used in intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration for air-conditioning systems of all kinds. Used as prefilters, they protect the downstream filter stages
•To extend the lifetime of downstream fine filters, an effective prefilter stage will often be required.?The WinAir 35 and WinAir 45 Coarse Filters offer stable arrestance of coarse dusts and are particularly well suited as prefilters upstream of fine filters. Their high dust holding capacity at a low pressure drop ensures long useful lifetimes.
•The WinAir 50 Fine Filter provides an optimum combination of stable arrestance towards fine dusts, high dust holding capacity, low pressure drop and required useful lifetime. 
•The WinAir 75 up to WinAir 98 Fine Filters ensure high room air quality by very good arrestance of fine dusts and microorganisms, with a low pressure drop.
HVAC Pocket filters
Unsupported pocket filter material moulded into a steel reinforced hard polyurethane header frame. The filter material is a combination of fine and coarse layered fibres sonically welded in to separate pockets. This filter is suited for air handling units, central air conditioning plants, as a pre-filter for supply, blowers, electric motors, electrical control.

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