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Gas Phase filters remove specific gases from air streams.


  • Corrosion control (removal of acidic gases, ammonia and ozone for corrosion prevention at electronic components)
  • Preservation of art, historical books and artefacts
  • Odour control (e.g. removal of gases from exhaust air in waste water treatment, improvement of indoor air quality)
  • Cleaning of biogas (removal of unwanted components such as H2S)
  • Emergency gas scrubbing (Chlorine in e.g. water treatment plants and spas, save haven rooms in refineries)
  • Reduction of airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms, predominantly in semiconductor industry



  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Smelters
  • Mining
  • Computer center
  • Labs
  • Microelectronics
  • Fertilizer


Viledon ChemControl pellets

Viledon ChemControl Pellets are used in various industries for the prevention of corrosion caused by fugitive gases. Activated alumina pellets impregnated with potassium permanganate and other chemical compounds are utilized for the scrubbing of H2S, SO2, NOx, VOC’s and other gases.


Viledon ChemControl Modules

Viledon ChemControl Modules are the rugged plastic housings that contain our chemical filtration pellets. They are available in a range of four sizes to suit all applications and are designed for easy handling and replacement. They can be supplied pre-filled, direct from our production facilities, or refilled via their easy-access removable caps.


Viledon ChemControl filtration systems

We develop and deliver exactly the filtration units the application requires, ensuring the maximum efficiency of your system. Viledon filter systems are ideally designed for the filtration of gas and particulate matter from supply air, protecting components from harmful gases that cause corrosion.


The Viledon ChemControl Deep-Bed Pressurization Units (DBPU)

The Viledon DBPUs are multi-stage filtration systems that reliably provide complete protection against corrosion. The Viledon DBPUs are used for medium to high concentration as of gaseous contaminants. The system is placed outside the protected area and supplies purified air into it. Hence, the Viledon DBPUs provide a positive pressure inside the proteced area. They are particularly designed for paper mills, refineries, smelters, steel and chemical plants.


The Viledon ChemControl Recirculation Unit (CRU)

The Viledon CRU is a system fully based on recirculated air filtration. This makes it an ideal addition for rooms that are supplied with filtered air and maintained at positive pressure using a Viledon ChemControl Deep-Bed Pressurization Unit (CDBPU).


The Viledon ChemControl Recirculation Pressurization Unit (CRPU)

Using a mixture of ambient air, the Viledon CRPU can maintain a positive pressure within the room to be protected whilst also recirculating the air within. At moderate concentrations of corrosive gases, the Viledon CRPU can be operated without the use of a Viledon ChemControl Deep-Bed Pressurization Unit.


Viledon ChemWatch Online Monitoring System

The ChemWatch Online Monitoring System measures and monitors the corrosivity of air in rooms via copper and silver sensors, in real time. Corrosivity is usually caused by acid gases such as H2S, SO2, SO3, Cl2, Cl2O, NOx, or NH3. The online monitoring system is suitable to measure corrosive gases in the range from low ppb to a maximum of 3 ppm.


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