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In liquid filtration, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies sets global quality and product standards with its Viledon® brand. Our solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of filter and membrane manufacturers, for example for coolant and lubricant, oil and fuel, food and beverage, blood plasma, and pool and spa filtration. Viledon® nonwovens are also key components in a variety of filter cartridges and are ideally suited for use as membrane support media.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides a comprehensive product range of high-quality filter media for maximum purity and reliability.


Viledon® hydrotexx – For pools and spas

Viledon® hydrotexx media is thermally and ultrasonically sealable. Thanks to its innovative two-component fiber structure, hydrotexx ensures outstanding filtration performance. While the pure polyester core provides stability and durability, the outer layer consists of a special polyester polymer cross-linked to produce a firm fabric. Viledon® hydrotexx is resistant to all the detergents used at pools and spas.


Viledon® pluratexx – For oil, urea and fuel filtration

Freudenberg’s new pluratexx oil filter media are a quantum leap in engine oil filtration. Made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibers, they are highly resistant to aggressive high performance motor oils. The gradient media density enhances both filtration efficiency and contaminant retention capacity, while still operating with less flow resistance. Due to the higher dirt retention volume, the filters last much longer, and the service intervals can be extended. On the other hand, filters now can be designed smaller, saving weight and space under the hood.


Viledon® novatexx – Membrane support media

Pleated cartridge filters are used in numerous applications for prefiltration and fine filtration of chemicals, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other liquids. Freudenberg provides a range of spunbonded, dry, or wetlaid media with specific mechanical properties and filtration characteristics. Even high temperature resistance can be achieved by Freudenberg's sophisticated fiber technology. Examples of cartridge filter media are spunbonded membrane supports or depth filter materials for hydraulic fluids.


Viledon® cooltexx – For coolant and lubricant filtration

Viledon cooltexx nonwovens for filtration of coolants and lubricants are available in a wide range of application-specific types for all vacuum, pressure and gravity belt filter systems, in all customary roll widths and lengths. In terms of their filter fineness, fiber type and structure, Viledon® filter media are matched to the machining processes involved (drilling, polishing, honing, etc.), the materials concerned (cast iron, aluminum, etc.) and the different process liquids, like emulsions and oils, but also washing, phosphating and coagulation baths. Thanks to their dependable, application-optimized arrestance capabilities, coupled with high wet strength and long lifetimes, they clean the liquids involved by removing even fine particles without clogging up.


Viledon® hydrotexx 2020 and 2040 – For food, beverages and drinking water

Viledon® hydrotexx 2020 and 2040 are the newly developed filter mats that are made from 100% foodgrade fibers. They are therefore particularly well suited for filtering ideally suited food, beverages and drinking water. Physiologically safe raw materials in conjunction with state-of the-art production technology guarantee a filter medium that consistently meets the food and beverage industries’ stringent requirements in terms of hygiene, efficiency and extractable constituents.


Viledon® nutritexx – For food and beverage filtration

Viledon® nonwovens for food and beverage applications are made from physiologically safe raw materials in ultra-modern manufacturing facilities. The media allows unwanted particles to be filtered out in a highly efficient manner, with no contamination. The versatile Viledon® nonwovens can be welded, glued or sewn. This combination of excellence in hygiene, efficiency, and versatility results in a product that is not only ideal for milk filtration, but also meets the requirements for large-scale roasting systems (frying oil filtration), the beverage industry (e.g. beer or wine filtration), and drinking water filtration.

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