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Swagelok Check Valves

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Swagelok Check Valves

Swagelok offers a broad line of adjustable and fixed cracking pressure check valves to control back flow in general-service, high-purity, and sanitary applications.
  • Spring-and-poppet check valves—C, CA, CH, CP, and CPA series
  • Lift check valves—50 series
  • All-welded check valves—CW series
  • Ultrahigh-purity O-ring–free fluoropolymer check valves-CHP series
  • Disk, ball, and air blow check valves for sanitary applications
Spring-and-Poppet Check Valves—C, CA, CH, CP, and CPA Series
Swagelok® spring-and-poppet check valves are available with nominal cracking pressures ranging from 1/3 to 600 psi (0.03 to 41.4 bar) in 316 stainless steel and brass and with end connections 1/8 to 1 in. and 6 to 25 mm in size.

Lift Check Valves—50 Series

Swagelok® lift check valves limit reverse flow under pressures up to 6000 psig (413 bar) and temperatures up to 900°F (482°C). Forward flow lifts the poppet, opening the valve. Reverse flow seats the poppet against the orifice, closing the valve. The Swagelok lift check valve is gravity assisted and must be mounted horizontally, with bonnet nut on top.
All-Welded, High-Purity Check Valves—CW Series
With all-welded 316L stainless steel body and springless design, the Swagelok® CW series high-purity check valve is designed for clean operation and reliable fluid containment.
Swagelok® UHP Check Valves, O-Ring–Free Fluoropolymer—CHP Series
CHP series UHP fluoropolymer check valves provide low cracking and reseal pressure and contain wetted components that meet SEMI Standard F57-0301 for ultrahigh-purity system components.

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