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Carbon Brushes for all Electrical Applications

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Carbon Brushes for all Electrical Applications

Carbon brushes are an engineered consumable designed to provide maximum life, whilst maintaining the optimum commutator or slipring surface.

Our product design encompasses the rigorous requirements of today’s industrial environments. Our material technology and practical application expertise have allowed the development of carbon grades to suit all applications including:
  • Under loaded applications
  • Overcooled applications
  • High temperature applications
  • Low humidity or totally enclosed applications
Morgan Advanced Materials produce carbon brushes to suit all industrial and transportation needs.
Highly trained sales engineers will assess your needs, and catalogue products, ensuring trouble free re-ordering of replacement parts.

Carbon products for all applications including
  • DC Motors
  • AC Slipring motors
  • Servomotors
  • Earthing brushes
  • Crane collectors
  • Dragline motors / generators
  • Truck / shovel
  • Linear sliding collectors
  • Schrage motors
  • Automotive
  • Pantograph carbons
  • Extruders paper & plastic
  • Rail transportation
  • Locomotive
  • Electricity generation
  • Electric motor rewinding requirements

We supply the following:

  • Carbon Brushes
  • Carbon Motor Brushes
  • Carbon Brush
  • Carbon Brushes For Electric Motors
  • Replacement Carbon Brushes
  • Carbon Brush Holders
  • Carbon Brushes Manufacturers
  • National Carbon Brush
  • Power Tool Brush Carbon
  • Carbon Brushes For Drill Motors
  • Automotive Carbon Brushes
  • Carbon Brushes For Electric Drills
  • Carbon Electrical Brushes
  • Carbon Brush Holder
  • Carbon Brushes Automotive
  • Electric Motor Carbon Brushes

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