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Carbon Hanger Bearings for oven and dryer applications

Carbon Hanger Bearings for oven and dryer applications

 Morgan Advanced Material supply a wide range of carbon bearings suited for oven and dryer applications.
Commonly known as “Hanger Bearings” our products are suited for use throughout the plasterboard, ceiling tile, veneer and insulation board manufacturing industries.
Our product range is designed to reduce maintenance costs, by minimising the frequency of bearing replacements, minimising machinery down time.

Morgan Advanced Material products are
• Self lubricating
• Maintenance free
• Low in friction
• Oil and grease free
• Suited for high temperature applications
• Suited for use in corrosive or abrasive environments
• Mechanically strong

Morgan Advanced Material can supply bearings in split design which can be replaced or rotated without dismantling adjacent equipment such as chains and sprockets, reducing maintenance and change out time.


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