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Process Oils

Process Oils


Nynas specialises in naphthenic oils for a variety of chemical applications, including adhesives, explosives, fertilisers, industrial rubber, PVC, TPE, tyres, general purpose oils and food grade oils. Whatever the application, Nynas oils will blend well with other components and are developed to meet specifications with a high degree of precision. High solubility and excellent low temperature properties are key features. 
Nynas’ oil is the ideal environmentally friendly alternative for tread compounds when aromatic extracts are no longer fully accepted everywhere. 
Many TPE producers and compounders are exploring the advantages of Nynas’ naphthenic oils over paraffinic alternatives. It has unsurpassed solvency properties and is highly compatible with SIS, SBS and SEBS based TPE.
Printing inks and resins
The high solvent properties and its light colour makes Nynas’ oils perfect for use in printing inks. The solvent properties are key to achieving excellent dispersion of the resin as well as the carbon black or other pigments.
Using Nynas’ oil in both soft and rigid PVC products will increase overall performance by increasing production speed and saving substantial energy in the process. By replacing expensive primary plasticiser in soft PVC, the cost of raw materials is reduced.
Industrial rubber
Nynas’ oils are used as a plasticiser for a wide range of rubber applications, in both synthetic and natural compounds. The greatest advantage is the oil’s exceptional compatibility with both polar and non-polar elastomers.
Nynas’ oils are very effectively used in the production of adhesives due to their high solvent power, low volatility and low environmental impact. As they work well with most polymers in this area, they are used in both hot melts and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
When making explosives, naphthenic oil is chosen for several reasons. It has the perfect molecule size to mix with ammonium nitrate, which is a common base in explosives. Its low sulphur content reduces the formation of toxic gases and the oils’ high flash point makes handling easy and safe.
Naphthenic oils are often used as anti-caking agents in fertilisers. The high solvency and excellent low temperature characteristics of Nynas’ oils are two properties that are essential in anti-caking production. The fact that the oil has a low environmental impact is another appreciated factor.

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