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Oil & Gas Burner Services

OIL & GAS BURNER SERVICES is the sole agent and importer of JOANNES and LAMBORGHINI burners in Southern Africa..

We are committed to our customers using reliable products and providing a first class service. Components for all products are stocked to insure a continuous production.

The Company
OIL & GAS BURNER SERVICES was established by Ernst Niedermayr in South Africa in 1976. The company has experience in the heating field for over 30 years. Our Clients vary from panel beaters, powder coaters, bakers, central heating systems, road surfacing companies and chicken hatcheries just to list a few.

The Products
Oil & Gas Burner Services provide a wide range of Burners from oil, gas and paraffin burners, heavy oil burners, modulated burners, double stage and single stage burners and duel fuel burner, which range from 10 Kw to 45 000 Kw.

Our Burners and Boilers are easy to install, reliable, low noise, energy saving, and economical -to run and maintain. The Product is environmentally friendly with low NOX and CO2 emissions.

The MDE system (Operating Data Memorization) allows the Technician to record operating data. This data can then be accessed and displayed at any time.

We offer a computerised Remote Solution to contact Service Centres by computer and the service technician by cellular phone or email within 24 hours, should the burner be faulty.

All the Products sold by OIL & Gas Burner Services comply with AFAQ ISO 9000 and 9001 certification and EC standards of quality. Gas burners are SAGA approved, and our technicians are SAGA licenced.

Our highly skilled and experienced technical department install and maintain our burners and boilers, as well as offering a standard of service excellence demanded and expected by our clients.

We supply the following products:
  • Automatic Boiler
  • Burner Controls
  • Burner Pre Heaters
  • Burners : Double Stage Burner
  • Burners : Single Stage Burner
  • Cast Iron Boilers
  • Direct Fired Boilers
  • Diesel Burners: Battery Operated
  • Duel Fuel Burners
  • Gas Burners : (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Blast Furnace Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Fuel Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Gas Furnace Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Gas Heater Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Industrial Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Large Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Portable Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Propane Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Refinery Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Burners : Universal Gas Burner (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Fired Boilers (SAGA Approved)
  • Gas Flare Burners (SAGA Approved)
  • Heavy Fuel Burners
  • Light Fuel Burners
  • Multiple Firing Boilers
  • Oil Burners: Battery Operated
  • Oil Burners : Crude Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : Electric Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : Heavy Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : High Efficiency Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : Modulated Burner
  • Oil Burners : Oil Burner Control
  • Oil Burners : Oil Burner Parts
  • Oil Burners : Self Generating Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : Small Oil Burner
  • Oil Burners : Waste Oil Burner
  • Oil Fired Boilers
  • Paraffin Burners


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