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PLC Training

The skills technicians need for troubleshooting PLC controlled systems

  • Allen-Bradley – choose your platform and software
    • ControlLogix/CompactLogix using RSLogix5000 - Course C1540
    • PLC-5 using RSLogix5 - Course P1540
    • SLC-500/MicroLogix using RSLogix500 - Course S1540
    • Custom classes are available - Call to discuss your needs
  • Small class size – never more than six students
  • All hands-on with only one student per workstation
  • Challenging problem-solving format that technicians enjoy
  • No PowerPoints – no overhead projectors
  • Beginner-level through analog signals in one five-day class
  • Experienced or not – there's something here for everyone
  • A full 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee - Try it before you buy it

This is NOT just "training as usual"

They call this the "Boot Camp" for a reason. This is serious training for students who are highly motivated - are willing to work hard - and who enjoy a constant challenge. If you're not in that category - please go somewhere else for your PLC training.

Classes are generally conducted at our offices in Charleston, SC and are usually five full days in length. We follow a "boot camp" approach to training - which focuses on total immersion in a hands-on learning environment. The pace is best described as "intense and demanding" and is recommended only for students who are highly motivated and determined to learn. Students who appreciate a challenge will invariably enjoy these classes – other students should not attend.

A preview of our simple step-by-step approach to teaching PLC skills is available as a series of eleven videos on YouTube. These have gained us a worldwide reputation and have moved us to the very top tiers of the major Internet search engines. All of our training is conducted face-to-face and in-person. We do not offer online or computer-based training programs.

Our intense five-day classes are 100% guaranteed to provide the troubleshooting and problem-solving skills required by maintenance technicians who work with equipment controlled by Allen-Bradley PLCs.

Read more about our Boot Camp approach


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