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Aluminum, Copper, Brass Wire

Rowan Cable Products Ltd

We are suppliers of wire in all it's forms and sizes.  Soft plain copper wire and soft tinned copper wire To BS4109 C101.  BS EN13602:2002  From single end of 0.071mm right through the standard wire gauges to 3.25mm.  We can wind wire on reels from 100 grams to 35 Kgs. Braids from soft tinned copper wire, soft plain copper wire, stainless steel wire, cotton, Kevlar and nylon ripcords.  Aluminum wire, copper wire and brass wire, industry standard flat braids for earthing.

Our previous company was established in 1917 as a stockist of non-ferrous metals and insulating material for the power and telephone cable industry and became the largest independent wire stockist in the United Kingom including such products as galvanized steel wire, copper wire, brass wire and aluminum wire.

Diversisification into other fields resulted in a management buy-out and since then we have expanded our facilities to include some of the most modern machinery for wire drawing, winding, stranding and bunching. This enables us to extend our services to the cable industry by supplying accurately wound material sing or multi-end, on clients' chosen reels, or by the production of short runs of fine bunch or concentric strand which are uneconomical for the large integrated producers.


  • Copper Wire
  • Copper Strip
  • Phosphor Bronze Wire
  • Brass Coated Steel
  • Brass Wire
  • Aluminum Wire
  • Aluminum Foil and Laminates
  • Galvanised Steel Wire
  • Stranded and Flexiable Conductors, Plain or Tinned.


  • PVC Insulation Tape
  • Glass Tape
  • Polyester Tape
  • Heavy Rayon Tape
  • Linen Tape
  • Some of the above Tapes printed to customers requirements.


  • Nylon
  • Viscose Rayon
  • Fibreglass
  • Cotton - colours
  • Ripcord
  • Terylene Twine
  • Jute
  • Polypropylene

Services (Own or Free Issue Material):

  • Rewinding
  • Bunching
  • Stranding
  • Cut-to-Length

We have further invested in straightening and cut-to-length lines to satisfy the demand for such items as electrodes.

We will continue this expansion of our abilites whilst remaining within the broad scope of our traditional expertise in wire. Our aim, above all, is to monitor and meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

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