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Spiral HDPE Pipe

Spiral HDPE Pipe (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1990 as the first company in South Africa to manufacture large diameter pipes and cylinders from polyolefin material by the method of spiral winding. Products manufactured using this technology are either pipes for the municipal sewer and drainage market, or engineered tanks for the chemical industry.

Spiral HDPE Pipe is manufactured in accordance with DIN 16961 Part 2, (Thermoplastics Pipes and Fittings with Profile outer and smooth inner surfaces) from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, and ISO 9969. As no SABS standard is in existence the pipe can not bear the SABS mark of approval.

The pipe is produced by first winding an inner liner on a mandrel, and in a second operation to wind and fuse a rectangular hollow profile to the outside of the inner liner, to produce a lightweight pipe with high ring stiffness. By varying the inner liner thickness, and the profile spacing, pipes with different ring stiffness can be produced. The inner liner thickness is usually 1% of the pipe diameter with a minimum of 5mm wall thickness. This produces a pipe with a smooth inner surface.

The pipes are supplied in 6m lengths with spigot and socket ends. For storm water a rubber Ogee type seal is supplied. For sewer applications sizes 400mm to 500mm is welded on the outside and for sizes 600mm and bigger joints are welded on the inside to provide a watertight joint. As the socket and spigot ends are an integral part of the pipe construction, joining is a simple task of inserting the spigot end into the socket end.

Spiral HDPE Pipe is a very resilient and robust pipe which does not chip or crack in the course of handling. Due to its low mass, Spiral HDPE Pipe can be laid with very light equipment, and even manhandled.

The material used for the manufacture of Spiral HDPE Pipe is the same material use in the manufacture of HDPE pressure pipe and is stabilised with carbon black, which provides the most effective protection against UV. This ensures that pipe can be stored outdoors over long periods of time without any fear of a change in properties.

Spiral HDPE Pipe supply and manufacture the following:
  • HDPE Drainage Pipes
  • HDPE Pipe : High Density Polyethylene Pipe
  • HDPE Pipe : Sewer Rising Mains Pipe
  • HDPE Pipe : Storm Water Drainage Pipes
  • HDPE Pipe : Sub Soil Drainage Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Flexible Spiral HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : HDPE Pipe Manufacturer
  • HDPE Pipes : HDPE Plastic Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : HDPE Plastic Water Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : High Density Polyethylene HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Large Diameter HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Lightweight HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Lightweight Spiral HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Polyethylene HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Pipes : Spiral HDPE Pipe
  • HDPE Piping
  • HDPE Plastic Tank
  • HDPE Polyethene Pipes
  • HDPE Sewage Pipes
  • Large Plastic Tanks
  • Pipe Fittings : Polyethylene Pipe Fitting
  • Plastic HDPE Pipes
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Plastic Pipe : HDPE Pipe
  • Plastic Pipe Fabrications
  • Plastic Pipe Fittings
  • Plastic Storage Tanks
  • Plastic Storm Water Pipe
  • Plastic Tanks
  • Polyethylene Pipe
  • Polyethylene Pipes : Black Polyethylene Pipe
  • Polyethylene Pipes : Polyethylene Drain Pipe
  • Polyethylene Pipes : Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturer
  • Polyethylene Pipes : Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturers
  • Polyethylene Pipes : Polyethylene Storm Water Pipe
  • Sewer Pipe
  • Sewer Pipes : Drain Pipes for Sewer
  • Sewer Pipes : Polyethylene Sewer Pipe
  • Sewer Pipes : Sewer Connector Pipe
  • Sewer Pipes : Sewer Drain Pipe
  • Sewer Pipes : Sewer Plastic Pipe
  • Sewer Pipes : Sewer Water Pipe
  • Spiral Pipe
  • Spiral Pipes
  • Steel Pipe : Water Pipe
  • Storm Water Drainage Pipe
  • Storm Water Pipes : Storm Water Drainage Pipe
  • Thermoplastic Pipe

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