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Liquid Ring Compressor

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Gardner Denver Nash offers the widest pressure and capacity ranges of liquid ring compressors worldwide. Together with the impressive NASH HP-9 and the introduction of the 14 over-hung models, NASH's high-pressure compressor product line provides compression greater than 200 PSIG/15 Bar abs and up to 2,500 CFM/ 4,250 m3/h per machine. Low-pressure compressors are available to 30 PSIG/ 3 Bar abs, and as much as 20,000 CFM/ 34,000 m3/h. 

Found primarily in petroleum refineries and chemical plants, these rugged and reliable compressors handle highly toxic, explosive and corrosive gases in applications such as flare-gas, chlorine and Vinyl Chlorine Monomer (VCM) recovery.  

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