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ATS48C11Q - Soft Starter for Asynchronous Motor

Soft Starter, Industrial Soft Starter, Soft Starter for MotorSoft Starter for Asynchronous Motor - ATS48 - 100 A - 230..415 V - 22..90 KW

GS1F3 - Switch- Disconnector Fuse Body

Switch Disconnector Fuse Body, Fuse Switches, Motor Fuses, Fused Isolator SwitchesSwitch Disconnector Fuse Body GS1 - TeSys GS - 3 poles - NFC - 50 A

ABL8FEQ24060 - Rectified and Filtered Power Supply - 1 or 2-phase - 400 V AC - 24 V - 6 A

Power Supply, Power Supplies, Multi Purpose Power Supply, Industrial Power SupplyRectified and Filtered Power Supply - 1 or 2-phase - 400 V AC - 24 V - 6 A

MV Capacitors - Propivar

Medium Voltage Capacitors, Capacitors, Capacitor BanksMedium Voltage Capacitors 50/60Hz

Communication System - Acti 9 Smartlink

Din Rail Modular Devices, Switchboard ControlOne-click prefabricated wires communicate between distribution panels and any facility management system.

AIS MV Primary Switchboard up to 27 kV - MASTERCLAD

Medium Voltage Switchboards,  Medium Voltage Switchgea, Air Insulated SwitchgearMedium Voltage Switchgear (AIS type) withdrawable Crcuit-Breakers up to 27kV

Fault Indicator for Underground Network - Easergy Flair

Fault Indicator for Underground NetworkFault passage indicators for MV underground distribution networks

Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer up to 2.5 MVA - 36 kV - Minera - Ground Mounted

Oil Immersed Distribution TransformerCost effective solution for your particular distribution network

Numerical Busbar Protection - P740

Numerical Busbar Protection, Protection Relays, Busbar DifferentialThe MiCOM P740 numerical busbar protection scheme provides complete protection for all voltage level, from low to extra/ultra high-voltage busbar configurations.

Breaker Failure Protection - P821

Breaker Failure Protection, Protection RelaysMiCOM P821 is an Advanced Breaker Failure and protection relay based on the latest numerical technology.

Intelligent Motor Controller - P211

Intelligent Motor Controller, Protection RelaysThe MiCOM P211 relay is designed for motor supervision, protection and control applications.

Protection Relays for Demanding Applications - Sepam series 40

Protection Relays for Demanding ApplicationsDigital protection relays for current and voltage protection, for any distribution system.

Rail Catenary Protection Devices - P436 and P438

Rail Catenary Protection Devices, Protection RelaysThe MiCOM Px30 devices are a series of Rail Catenary Protection Devices. The P436 and the P438 provide protection for classic and two-phase AT feeders.

Lighting Control and Energy Management system - C-Bus

Lighting Control and Energy Management systemThe Clipsal C-Bus® system is a microprocessor based wiring system to control lighting and other electrical services. Whether ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit or analogue type control such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts.

The most scalable & resilient Building Energy Management System - Satchwell

Building Energy Management SystemThe most scalable & resilient Building Energy Management System

Critical Power & Cooling Services

Critical Power & Cooling ServicesThe need for quality, secure and uninterrupted power has never been greater. Schneider Electric is committed to providing industry leading solutions.

Services offered by Schneider

Services offered by SchneiderCustomised and engineered Services - your best choice is Schneider Electric!

P 65 empty enclosures for Ø 22 mm control and signaling unitS - Harmony XALD

Control Stations and EnclosuresPlastic control station for control and signalling units Ø 22 from the Harmony® XB5 range

Ø 16 plastic signaling units - Harmony XB6

Plastic Signaling Units, Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control stations, JoysticksPushbuttons, switches and pilot lights with plastic bezel Ø 16 mm

Ø 22 metallic signaling units - Harmony XB4 ATEX D

Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control Stations, Joysticks, Safety SwitchesØ 22 metallic signaling units, for explosive atmospheres

Busbar Trunking for High Power Distribution 5000A - Canalis KT

Busbar Trunking for High Power Distribution 5000ABusbar Trunking for High Power Distribution 5000A


SCADA & EMS Gateway - PACiS GWTPACiS GTW may support more than one protcol and also complete redundancy (communication medium and physical device).

Communication Networks Surge Arresters - PRF1

Communication Networks Surge Arresters  -  PRF1Type 1 High Capacity Surge Arrester

Graphic Terminals - Magelis XBT N

Graphic Terminals -  Magelis XBT N, HMIDisplay text messages, or semi-graphic screen, perform diagnostics, control and adjust your control system devices.

Modular Substation Computers - C264

Modular Substation Computers, Industrial Controllers, ControllersSchneider Electric offers flexible tools for the progressive retrofit of existing installations, as well as for new substations.

My Ecodial S

My Ecodial S, Electrical Conception SoftwareCalculation of single branch of MV/LV electrical installation


Rapsody, Design Low Voltage SwitchboardsAllows to Design Low Voltage Switchboards

Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 36 kV - FLUVAC

Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Circuit Breakers3 functions in 1, the most compact on the market 372 x 1075 x 1238 mm

Power Meter - PowerLogic ION7300

Power Meter, Electrical Power Meters, Industrial Power MetersCompact Energy and Power Quality Meters for Feeders or Critical Loads