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EngNet May 2009 Newsletter

EngNet May 2009 Newsletter

Tuesday, 19 May, 2009

Dear EngNet Visitor,

We are excited to be sending out our fist newsletter, exclusive to our EngNet subscribers. The newsletters will provide useful information so that you can get the most out of your EngNet Listing. We will also be keeping you up to date with Online Media trends and news as well as upcoming events that we partner with.

Back to Basics
Check your contact details on your Listing. Far too often we have companies who have either moved, changed their telephone numbers or their email address, but forget to update their Listing. This does lead to loss of enquiries and frustrates the user.

From time to time send yourself a test email through the enquiry form to make sure you are receiving them. Occasionally companies will change their ISP (internet service provider), their anti-virus software or spam settings on their PC. This can result in the EngNet Enquiries sent to you being inadvertently blocked.

Check your product and brand name information on your Listing. The more accurate your information is on your EngNet Listing the more accurate the enquiries will be.

The Power is in Your Hands
Your listing has been designed so that you can make certain changes yourself. You should have the login details that were provided when your listing was launched (if not, please request them from To edit your Listing go to, click the ‘Company Login’ tab on the top menu and complete the login. Alternatively, you can email your changes to us and we can implement them on your behalf. This service is complementary to our subscribers.

Upcoming Events
EngNet is a Media Partner for the 16th Annual Artisans Development Conference to be held 28 to 30 July 2009 and the 2nd Annual Risk Based Inspections Masterclass to be held 11 to 13 August 2009. EngNet subscribers qualify for a 15% discount. For further information please email

Online Media News
Acceleration Media reported “In an article released on Marketingweb on the Total Ad Spend for 2008, it shows that online outshines all other channels in terms of percentage growth in 2008. Internet Marketing ad spend jumped 38.21% from 2007, out-performing Radio 12.83%, Television 6.21% and Print 1.67%. While this might paint a picture of the economic climate, we see the online medium remaining quite robust amidst recession fears. A reason for this might be in that as times get tough, more and more advertisers require greater accountability and measurability for their spend. Advertisers begin to turn towards online as it offers both. One might also suspect that advertisers are becoming more comfortable with online as a viable channel to reach their audiences.”

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