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EngNet May Newsletter 2010

EngNet May Newsletter 2010

Monday, 10 May, 2010

Dear EngNet Visitor,

It is nice to have a few short weeks in April, but the disruption to business basically means we have to do the same work in half the time. Now that we are over that we can settle down for the rest of the year….or can we? Next month i s the World Cup (hard to believe) and from what I hear it sounds like business is going to be having a go slow. It is good to see the South African festive spirit starting to build with flags flying on cars and covering the wing mirrors. There is certainly a tangible air of excitement that was not there before.
New! - EngNet toolbar

We have created an EngNet toolbar (something like the Google toolbar). This is a fantastic new tool that gives engineering buyers, procurement officers, engineers and technicians direct access to searching EngNet, accessing the Units Converter and the Engineering Dictionary. As you can see in the image below, you can install this along with your Google toolbar or any toolbar for that matter. Searching is now convenient between your favorite search engine and EngNet. To download a nd install this toolbar click here.

Survey Time!!!

EngNet is only valuable as long as it is useful. Therefore we are conducting a survey to gather information about what YOU want. We will use this information to further improve our product to ensure a better experience and more value for user and advertiser. To take part in this survey click here.

Top Technology 100 – TT100

We are proud to announce that EngNet has been identified as a Technology Top 100 Established Qualifier 2009.

It does feel a little intimidating when being pitched against the large corporates with mega budgets for technology R&D, systems etc. We did learn a whole lot and we will be back later this year to once again tackle:

  • Tools and metrics to achieve differentiation.
  • Creating and managing the innovation space.
  • The human technology interface.
  • Sustainability.

FEATURED PRODUCT - AutoCAD Civil 3D Gets a South African Flavour (RSA Localization Kit)

As the world's leading provider of advanced design technology solutions, Autodesk constantly strives to maintain their position as market leaders in the respective industries they serve. The infrastructure industry is no exception, and this letter seeks to inform you of the value that Autodesk is adding to your investment in AutoCAD Civil 3D software, and how you can take advantage of these tools to maximize your productivity. Read more…
Until next time.

Adrian Cooney

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