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EngNet Update - Press Releases

EngNet Update - Press Releases

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

Public Relations’ is a powerful tool, which is used to educate markets and build brands. Well written editorials about your company will not only get your brand noticed in the market, but will create an interest in the products or services that you offer.

EngNet is extending its service offering to include a cost-effective Press Release Package, which gives our clients the opportunity to benefit from the power of public relations. The EngNet Press Releases are written by experienced, technical journalists who understand your industry.

The EngNet Press Release includes:

  • A telephonic interview with a professional and experienced journalist
  • The Press Release is professionally written and edited
  • Clients have full approval of the Press Release
  • The completed release is provided in digital format
  • Clients are free to use the EngNet Press Release where needed
  • Your release will be added to the EngNet website

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written communication announcing a newsworthy aspect of your business. Typically, the releases are e-mailed to journalists and editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations. Press release can also be uploaded to your website or sent to your customers to inform them of new products or services.

What is an EngNet Press Release?

We now offer you and your business the chance to let the market know of innovations or developments through the power of Public Relations. EngNet will provide a 650 word press release which can be used in the media or for standard marketing activities.

Why should I have a release written on my company?

The media and community are always on the lookout for fresh news and stories, which they can use to fill their editorial pages. Editors appreciate well-written editorials, which help them to produce a quality publication. Well written Press Releases can be used in publications in your particular industry, or used in the publications that you advertise with. The readers of the publications will become aware of your business, product or service through the information in your EngNet Press Release.

Who will write my EngNet Press Release?

Qualified technical journalists with experience in mining, engineering, construction and industry will be responsible for writing the EngNet Press Releases.

Who sends the EngNet Press Release to the media?

The press release will be written and sent to the client to approve. The client will then be responsible for adding it to their website and sending it to the media for them to consider publishing.

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