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HS35 Hollow Shaft Encoder

HS35 Hollow Shaft Encoder

Product News Tuesday, February 28, 2006: BEI Sensors

Reduce Downtime and Save Costs with Dual Output Encoder

Goleta – The new dual output option for the HS35 hollow shaft encoder from BEI provides redundant encoder signals to ensure maximum control system reliability. This feature uses two sets of internal electronics to send identical isolated output signals to two separate connectors. If one output becomes electrically damaged, simply move the cable from one connector to the other. Your downtime is measured in minutes, not hours or days.

The dual output feature also has the capability to supply two separate controllers from a single encoder. Since the connectors are mechanically parallel and electrically isolated, connecting to a second controller and routing the cable is straightforward. Now you can save the cost and space of a second encoder with a single installation.

The HS35 series encoder is a heavy-duty hollow shaft design with a rugged cast metal housing and dual preloaded bearings for robustness and reliability. Rotating shaft seals and a sealed connector give it NEMA 4, 13 and IP65 ratings. It can accommodate a variety of shafts bores, up to 1 inch in diameter, and has a compact installed package length of just over 2 inches. This makes the HS35 ideal for equipment with constrained axial encoder mounting space.

BEI Industrial Encoder Division is an operating division of BEI Technologies, Inc. BEI is an established manufacturer of electronic sensors and motion control products used for factory and office automation, medical and scientific equipment, military, aviation and space systems, and transportation equipment including automobiles, trucks and off-road equipment. The company's product portfolio includes position sensors, rotary optical encoders, linear encoders and associated Digital Readout (DRO) systems, voice coil actuators, brushless DC motors, servo systems, quartz microelectromechanical (MEMS) rotation rate sensors and navigation subsystems.

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